Paper Example on Enhancing Interpersonal and Communication Skills: My Work History

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Date:  2023-09-28


During the course of my work history, I have advanced a high standard of social, spoken, and printed communication skills; this has enabled me to communicate efficiently with a variety of individuals in different work scenarios. As a Nursing student having undertaken clinical placements, I have extended my interpersonal and verbal communication experience to include the ability to develop healing relations with clients and their families; I feel that the ability to have good communication skills is important as it determines the outcome of patient-nurse interrelations. I am patient-centred and an advocate to the person I’m caring for, therefore I posses good interpersonal skills to resolve conflict, to be able to communicate verbally and wittingly within a multiciliary team for the patient’s optimal outcome.

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I have a proven ability to build rapport with all ages, emotional difficult situations, with people from different backgrounds including those from minority groups, always taking into account to use a communication approach that is sensitive to their ethnicity, culture and beliefs. I interact with patients in a clearly, at their level of comprehension. I use my non-verbal communications skills such as talking to them at the same eye level, reassuring touch to comfort or using an appropriate emotion to the situation they may be conveying to me. I listen carefully to what they are verbalising to me, especially if it is associated with their needs.

Demonstrated Medical Familiarity and Clinical-Problem Resolving Skills

I have been assigned to fully demonstrate my highest level of medical awareness and problem-resolving skills in my workplace, especially in my placement at long bay Health centre that I cared for inmates. During my working period, I have known how inmates can be difficult to work with especially by hiding some important medical details, I have advanced skills to neutralise this workplace problem. Through the understanding of a patient's previous medication scheme has prevented health complications when proposing a possible new treatment pattern. Also, knowing how particular drugs react towards different patients of different age was very vital since it worked as a guideline in the development of an appropriate medication choice.

I take the responsibility of undertaking depth research to prevent making a risky choice that would jeopardize the wellbeing of the patient in complicated situations. I have demonstrated this problem solving clinical ability by working jointly with my superiors by learning from their experiences. This has helped me survive through the harsh challenges attached to the joy of being a clinical nurse. I have smooth working in my profession due to the ability to tackle problems acquired from research.

Demonstrated Aptitude to Drudgery with a Teamwork

I have acknowledged the benefits of work with colleagues, especially in busy and long working hours. I recently worked as a nurse to achieve a positive health outcome for all those patients that reached the places, I was at all times guided by the goals set by the organization whose central core values were teamwork. At any given circumstance, I join forces with their partners towards the common goal of ensuring the quality of health care is of the highest standard.

This concept of the teamwork extends to the sharing of the limited resources in the organization but ensuring that patient treatment is done at the fast speed as possible. Teamwork has helped me to learn several procedures that are acquired through basic skills and many practices have yielded positive outcomes. The nursing attention to patients has always achieved the organization’s goals.

Acquaintance of the Proficient, Moral and legitimate obligations

I have developed interest and curiosity about what it means to be a medically trained nurse, since my enrolment in Nursing. What was required of me to become a professionally accredited nurse remained clear from day one. This entailed following the set profession, ethical, and legal requirements by the board governing nurses in Australia. All my decisions and choices were shielded from the outside problem that often seems to disrupt my job as a trained nurse. Understanding these requirements has kept my focus and determination to achieve my professional goal.

I am required to act accordingly to develop the most appropriate practices, and following the set competency standards and code of conduct. I have done practices that have led to positive health outcomes in a professional, legal, and ethical manner. For instance, I have attended patients’ need despite the time and condition. Besides, I have handled all patients equally without bringing in biased behaviors. Therefore in my placement at St. Vincent hospital where I work in operation theatres (anaesthetic, recovery, and scrub scout), I was acknowledged by my supervisors for high-level competence in constancy observing to all proficient, principled and legitimate obligations.

Understanding of Role, in Applying constant Enhancement of Quality and Welfare

My primary duty in ensuring quality improvement is to adhere and engage in hygienic behaviors, safe handling of patients, and colleagues. My role in the context of quality improvement is to identify weaknesses and find better ways to improve them. Registered nurses are obligated to put the safety of their patients first. I have utilized quality and safety improvement measures in providing health deliveries to improve the services being offered to patients. I have observed several measures in this category, which include wise leadership, employee motivation, practising safe work practices.

Understanding of the NSW Fundamental Ethics- Partnership, Sincerity, Respect, and Inspiration

My partnership, sincerity, respect and Inspiration are the most important NSW codes of standards. In my profession, collaboration with other helping services has helped in safeguarding the recovery process of the patients’ speeds up. I make frequent follow-ups, advising where there is need and service sharing is highly recommended. I have built trust and confidence in supervisors and working team, these have encouraged openness and cooperation to appreciate the difference in all patients. It has demarcated confidence between nurses, patients, and their supervisors preserve the integrity of care, hence improvement in the quality of services.

I uphold respect for both patients and teammates recognizes the different preferences and needs each patient is entitled to without any bias. My role as a nurse is to appreciate their rights and their choice of lifestyle and be open to provide all forms of treatment options without hesitation. As a registered nurse, I am allowed to inspire fellow nurses and other staff in the organization towards a common goal. Coming together is, without a doubt, a big step in success.

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