Reflection: Teacher Assistant

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Date:  2022-05-03


The duties I performed in the month as a teacher assistant helping an educator in managing the class, assisting in educating the children, and helping with administrative work. The other duty that I performed is writing students' work on the classroom board. I also supervised and updated the work done by the students in the class. Moreover, I did a follow-up to find out if the students completed the tasks assigned to them by their teacher. In the same context, I assigned new homework to the pupils. Further, I communicated with the children regularly when they were in class to find out if there were problems they faced that needed immediate attention. Besides, I went out with the students supervised them during the break. This role was to ensure that the children were doing meaningful activities while in leisure. Also, I directed and helped the students clean up the mess they made within and outside the classroom. Most importantly, I supported teachers to create new activities in the school. I also assisted the teachers with any help they required. During breakfast, I distributed snacks to the students. Furthermore, I helped the students to prepare for recess. Additionally, I enforced the rules of the school and those of the class to enhance proper behaviors of the students. I also reinforced lessons that the teachers presented and aided children with their classwork. In this case, I gathered the children in groups and helped them with the lesson plans and review of the tasks covered by the teacher. Besides, I handled and prepared learning materials before and after the lesson. I also helped the children to do homework individually and complete their research projects. My conclusion about the tasks in the workplace is that I was assigned many duties to perform as a teacher assistant. Even though the responsibilities were tiresome, they were necessary for the learning process and better performance of the students. Most importantly, the duties I performed ensured that the children receive maximum benefit from both curriculum and co-curriculum activities that the teacher planned for them. My position also gave me the opportunity to interact with the children and to understand their needs.

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Challenges in the School

While executing my duties as a teacher assistant, I faced different challenges in the school. One difficulty that I encountered was stress from work overload and unrealistic demands made by the administration. Handling troubled children was another issue. Another problem I experienced in the workplace was pressure due to collective workload and conflicting requirements. Another problem was indiscipline. Managing hyperactivity pupils with behavioral difficulties who do not follow the regulations resulted in indiscipline cases. Such children often failed to complete the tasks that I assigned them. These children became an obstacle in my career. Another problem was unequal pay. Despite the many duties I performed, the administration failed to appreciate my work by increasing the wages. This act demoralized my performance because I felt unmotivated. Another problem is workplace harassment. Due to my low position in the school, the senior teachers and some school heads discriminated and harassed me without empathy. Another problem was lack of teamwork. Some teammates worked differently and failed to cooperate. Another problem was lack of enough time to relax. Another problem was poor communication. Some pupils could not express themselves well; therefore, it was hard to understand them. Comparing these situations with what a person in a related job field may experience, I can safely state that a teacher assistant and a person in the same job field face common challenges. Firstly, these workplaces are stressful. In particular, individuals in these places work with children who often feel frustrated about their academic performance, and unmotivated due to the additional challenges they encounter. Therefore, both the teacher assistant and individuals in related fields are likely to receive tantrums and outbursts from the teachers and parents. Besides, they can feel unappreciated despite being committed to their job. In other words, both the teacher assistant and a person working in the related field encounter similar challenges in the workplace.


In conclusion, the role of a teacher assistant is to provide personalized education, administrative assistance, and pastoral care. They enhance better learning by offering invaluable differentiated education support to pupils. Professional teacher assistants promote achievement and enjoyment in a secure nurturing environment while improving the academic and emotional wellness of all the pupils. Most importantly, they establish a positive relationship with children and help them become successful community members. Being a teacher assistant also comes with various advantages. Other than paying one's way through school, it helps an individual develop his or her skills in the career field. A person with experience in teaching assistant has a high chance of securing the job. It is because teacher's assistants often work closely with the professors. The individuals also establish a close relationship with other senior teachers and parents, thus, helping them to become the cornerstone in both academic and business settings. However, the negative part of teaching assistants is the stressful conditions and work pressure. Dealing with troublesome and indiscipline pupils is not an easy job. They are also assigned many duties many duties to the extent that they lack adequate time for leisure and other activities. Worst of the situation is the low payment and lack of motivation experienced by teacher's assistants. From a personal viewpoint, teacher's assistants perform essential duties in school. Their position ought not to be taken likely because of their contribution to the performance and wellness of the children. As such, the administrators should not discriminate them. Instead, they should be treated like other teachers and enjoy motivations and employee benefits like others. For the benefit of the school and the children, it is imperative to retain the teacher's assistants rather than neglecting their positions and letting them look for other opportunities. In so doing, the individuals will be motivated to continue contributing to the success of the pupils and enhancing their quality of education.

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