Job Announcement Requirements Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-25

Introduction is a global job advertisement website that provides companies with an opportunity to recruit talented and self-driven employees. The website requires an organization to place a job announcement that contains the position being advertised, the organization location, the salary range, organization profile and the competencies needed by the organization position. helps job seekers to connect with organizations that match their skills and can provide them with an opportunity to pursue fulfilling careers. The website requires job advertisements to be brief and self-explanatory to reduce possible confusion ( n.d.).

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Leadership Competencies

A good leadership job announcement should be informed by leadership competencies which are the defined behaviors and quality that are desired to be able to accomplish the Biuotech Inc. goals. Biotech requires leaders to be informed by the needs of the customers when making decisions and to design the products and services towards meeting the consumer needs. Biotech believes that the right leader should be able to take advantages of opportunities in their business areas to advance business innovation to improve service delivery and product quality (Aldrin & Gayatri, 2014). Biotech leaders should possess the necessary knowledge that can be used to deliver while ensuring that the employees are empowered to be able to achieve the organizational goals as a team. An ideal leader should understand and put into ethical practice standards that guide decision making (Forbes. 2013).

Job Announcement

Department and Business Segment Leaders

Yonkers, New York City

Biotech seeks to recruit competent individuals to fill the positions of departmental and business segment leaders. Biotech Inc. believes that a leader is an individual who has the drive and strategy to rally the employees under them to achieve the organization goals. Biotech Inc. envisions the potential leaders to be vision driven which will help the organization to reach the set milestones for the departments and the business segments. The leadership position in Biotech Inc. requires individuals who are ethically motivated to adhere to the organization ethical values while ensuring positive relationships with the employees which creates an environment that promotes cooperation. The leader's position requires leaders who are self-motivated to design and package the consumer experience informed by the needs of the consumers and holds high value the feedback from the customers. The potential leaders should be knowledgeable of their respective areas and curious to promote innovation by embracing opportunities that come along to improve Biotech Inc. standing. The leadership positions in Biotech Inc. will be responsible for ensuring that the departments meet their milestones and there is sustainable development and productivity of the business segments. The position will also ensure that the employees work together to realize the organization goals while ensuring that the organization values are respected.

This position is open to young and experienced leaders who are ready to learn and adhere to Biotech Inc. leadership needs. The position will be open from September 1st through October 1st, 2018. All the interested applicants are encouraged to apply through Biotech Inc. website in the careers and vacancies section.

Explanation Part

The job announcement has been able to reflect the themes in week 1 and 2 reading by ensuring that the advertisement is situation based and addresses Biotech Inc. leadership needs. The advertisement is informed by the current leadership predicaments and the necessary competencies that the leaders should possess. The job announcement has used simple vocabularies to articulate the competencies required and a universal language (English) to ensure that the potential leaders can understand the position requirements (Thompson, 2018).


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