What Makes a Good Manager? Essay Example

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The art of managing resources and people requires a synergy of skills and personal characteristics. Not every person put in charge of people and resource management would produce desired results with exceptional performance. Effective managers' employ a range of leadership styles in an effort geared towards producing excellent results. Various scholars have firmed that, to be a good manager a person must be a leader, delegating and managing resources requires a leader in a manager. This ensures there is well-thought actions delivery when performing assigned duties and managerial roles.

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Leadership in managers

Every manager strives to be a good and effective leader, thus any manager who wishes to be ranked as a performing and results-oriented must exhibit leadership qualities. These qualities either make one successful or a failure in management (Manktelow & Birkinshaw, 2018). Managers aim to manage assigned duties whereas for leaders they tend to lead people assigned, in this case when a manager assumes roles of a leader they gradually groom themselves to be excellent managers.

Leaders and managers symbiosis

Effective managers need to be open to recent and diverse ideas, adapt to the ever-changing business environment and communicating regularly to the team assigned. For leaders their showcase their excellent abilities by leading the team to achieve and exceed expected results. To save on human capital requirements, there is the need for a cooperative and collaborative approach in managerial and leadership skills to produce a good manager (Manktelow & Birkinshaw, 2018). The result of this will be a set of characteristics defining a good manager as discussed below.

Leadership qualities of a good manager

Given that a person is holding a managerial position does not qualify that person to be an effective leader. This post requires a candidate who displays a set of certain desirable attributes and skills. Here is a synopsis of the desirable qualities of a good manager.

  • Inspires others- the team looks upon their leader for directions, good managers should ensure their allocated team is always motivated to perform their duties diligently with no or minimum supervision thus increasing productivity and quality of results.
  • Master of transparency- honesty is key in a team environment any manager who wishes to make it must embrace honesty at all times cultivating the element of trust which results to increased team loyalty a power and a necessary ingredient to a successful manager.
  • Strategic thinker- a good manager has a greater view on the layout of delegated duties and are on point in directing the team and is able to troubleshoot the unforeseen eventualities. This enables the team to triumph challenges encountered in duties execution (Manktelow & Birkinshaw, 2018). This makes employees depend on the manager's great ability to articulate issues and draw a roadmap on the workability.
  • Communicates effectively- another key element in any given organization is communication as it shapes how decisions are made. A good manager should possess great and excellent communication skills that are customized to each given situation that needs to be addressed. Timely communication is a necessary tool that any effective leader should hold dear in duties execution.
  • Leads by example - a manager needs to be on the forefront leading the team to perform and achieve together. The physical presence ensures there is enough motivation to deliver and less resistance to perform the assigned duties by the team. The manager can leverage on this by coaching the team on areas they are inadequately skilled.
  • Makes informed decisions - solid decision making provides a base for effective managerial tasks completion, thus help to remove any ambiguity that may exist in the line of duty. Managers are required to up their game and come up with well-thought and informed decisions that shapes where the organization is headed. For any given project a good manager needs to comprehend exactly what it will take to finish it and strengths needed.
  • A good coach- effective managers are aware that for their respective teams to make it they need to coach them and ensure they are empowered in tasks delivery. This entails guiding the team, helping them when their skills seem inadequate on given complex assignments. The manager by doing this becomes a team player and the team members are able to approach the manager for clarification and guidance.
  • Productive - a good manager is productive and always engages employees to work as a team and achieve together likewise, employees often avoid working for lazy bosses who tend to delegate all the work and end up overburdening them.


In conclusion, good managers are effective leaders hence the two combined results to great managers who are self-assertive in delivery and manage enormous departments. Becoming a good leader does not happen by impulse rather it takes time for a manager to employ leadership skills and master the art of management. In a nutshell, a good manager will administer the ideas and characteristics of a leader.


Manktelow, J., & Birkinshaw, J. (2018). Mind Tools for Managers: 100 Ways to be a Better Boss. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

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