QSEN: Improving Quality & Safety in Nursing - 3 Areas - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Wordcount:  530 Words
Date:  2023-04-11


The acronym, "QSEN," means Quality and Safety Education in Nursing. It is a national movement established with the main aim of improving quality and safety in nursing by impacting future nurses with (KSA) needed for operation in healthcare systems. QSEN competencies focus on six areas, which incorporates; Teamwork and Collaboration, Patient-centered care, Safety, Quality Improvement, Informatics as well as Evidence-Based Practice. This discussion focuses on three areas of QSEN competencies, as discussed below.

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Patient-Centered Care

This competency involves recognizing the patient's right and ability to make informed decisions on their own and respecting the patient's choices at all costs while ensuring that the patient's beliefs, values, and requests are appropriately understood and attended to(Warren,2016). I will demonstrate KSA in patient-centered care as highlighted in the following example; I will explore barriers that bar patients from participating in their care plan, The skill aspect of the identified issue will be for me to remove the obstacles, and the attitude aspect is to recognize and respect patient's needs and values related to the care plan.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration entail the active involvement of both the nurse and the patient in the patient's treatment plan. This encompasses coming up with the treatment plan jointly, open and effective communication between the patient and the nurse, consulted, and shared decision making to ensure quality care of the patient (Altmiller & Hopkins, 2019). I will observe KSA in teamwork and collaboration through identifying factors that contribute to poor communication between the patient and me, the skill part will involve collectively coming up with a strategy that promotes effective and open communication in the healthcare system, and the attitude component will include valuing finding solutions to open communication as a way of obtaining effective joint functioning.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement involves finding appropriate and safe methods to better the health care system and maximize the outcome of care processes. I will express my knowledge through acknowledging that nursing is part of the health care system that influences the treatment outcome of patients; the skill aspect will entail using flow charts to ensure that the care process is clearly understood. My skill attitude aspect will include respecting any form of contribution in improving outcomes of the health care system within my local area of operation as a nurse.

Importance of QSEN Competencies

Observing patient-centered care, teamwork/collaboration, and quality improvement will help me save patients' lives in the future by impacting me with the knowledge, skills, and right attitudes required in my field of operation. In addition to this, these QSEN competencies will appropriately guide me in the delivery of safe and quality patient care, which will positively impact patient treatment outcome in my area of operation as a nurse.


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