Recommendation Letter for Pharmacy Course

Paper Type:  Recommendation letter
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  577 Words
Date:  2022-07-11

I am writing concerning XYZ who is applying to study pharmacy at your esteemed University. I am pleased to write on behalf of XYZ who asked me to recommend her for admission to your University. XYZ has been working under my supervision for the last two years. I have known XYZ in my capacity as his professor for more than four years, during which, I taught him the courses Developmental Physiology, Experimental Physiology, Abnormal Physiology, Cognitive Physiology and History of Physiology in the second, sixth and 8th semesters respectively. Through my observations, I would like to say that she is a very studious and attentive student who always possess a positive mind towards his academics.

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Our University is one of the oldest, largest and best academic institutions for Physiology in the country. From January, XYZ has been undertaking a postgraduate paper under my supervision. His work in the University Physiology covers Experimental Physiology which is greatly related to pharmacy. In research, she deals with important Physiology direction and research. During his study sessions, he acquired valuable experience working in X-ray analysis, human anatomy among other fields. I should emphasize here that she is very diligent and accurate in her experimental works as well as treating the results. XYZ has evolved as an erudite, intelligent, dependable and emotional stale person who has the capacity of generating new skills and find a solution. To add on that and without exaggerations, she is not sophisticated and quite assertive. Without a doubt, she will be a good instructor thanks to her clear and accuracy in oral expression. Besides, she is capable and has a good attitude to work in groups with the capacity for working independently. She emerged the best student in my class that I supervised last year.

Throughout the entire course, she has shown great interest in related aided learning skills. I have engaged her in several research and course related to discussions where she has confidently exhibited his aspirations towards engaging for a course in Pharmacy. Furthermore, he has acquired great experience in numerous concepts that are highly valuable for the coming generations.

Apart from her academic record, she participated in MIRAGE 16, county level competition for Physiology Students held in the institution. This act displayed her ability in the creative and Physiology sector. As a student who is always ready to take up responsibility, she has carried out her duties with massive dedication. To add to that, she has a very good knowledge of English and communicates very well. This skill is essential since most learning process uses English-written materials like databases, e-library, and articles from foreign books as theoretical for academic investigations.

I have the deepest professional and personal respect for her. Sincerely I believe that XYZ will bring tireless, passion, optimism, creativity and unique energy to your University as a whole and even to her classmates. Therefore, she has my highest endorsement for the Pharmacy Course admission. Having seen her interest in yearning for a degree in Pharmacy, striving for purpose and persistence, I believe that she will comprehend her huge inevitable and potential, excellent results in her Pharmacy career. I also believe that it will be beneficial for your university and XYZ to continue with her education in your graduate program. Therefore, I strongly recommend her for admission. If you have any query concerning this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me as I shall be glad to help.

Yours Sincerely,Sign...................



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