Explanation for My Employment Gap and Low GPA - Admission Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-06-18

I would like to give the admissions committee the relevant context regarding my employment gap and low GPA. I primarily attribute my poor grades to my indecisiveness in choosing my college major. When I first joined the University of California, Irvine, I had a keen interest in studying cognitive psychology. I was particularly intrigued by the scientific aspects of internal mental processes that affect human behavior. However, at the foundation stages of the course, I did not fare well in political science, which was a mandatory course for all psychology major students. Because of my poor grades in political science, I decided to switch my major to economics in 2010. The decision to change my major happened late; when I was almost through with all the required courses for being a psychology major. I blame my indecisiveness for a late course change.

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I discovered my passion for economics while undertaking finance internships, where I got an opportunity to have a glimpse of the financial world and liked it. Additionally, the chance to work as a research assistant for my universitys undergraduate economics department helped boost my interest in the course. The research assignments shaped my academic, professional, and life goals. I became convinced, more than ever, that my goal would be that of a financial advisor, with specialization in corporate finance advisory and wealth management. However, because of my late entry into economics class, it took me quite some time to be able to grasp the core concepts of the course. Because of this, I did not achieve quality grades. Nonetheless, I was able to complete the course due to my hard work, persistence, and vision. To further improve my chances of reaching my goals of becoming a financial advisor, I have also taken courses that count towards management minor.

After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, I have not sought for employment because of family reasons. Right after my graduation of 2014, I started my family and gave birth to my first-born daughter who is now school-aged. The pressure of raising my daughter and other family commitments prevented me from seeking employment. But now, she is old enough to go to school, and I feel relieved and ready to enter the workforce. Therefore, I would like to re-focus on my career and continue to improve my knowledge and skills through further training in order to achieve a successful career in future. Hopefully, with a blossoming career in future, I hope that I will be a role model and a source of inspiration, encouragement, and pride for my daughter.

As a mother, who is eager to return to the workforce, I am confident that I have all that it takes to maintain a 3.0 GPA in the MBA program. My family is everything to me, and with their financial and emotional support, I will be able to have an undivided focus on the MBA program. Additionally, the internal drive to accomplish my goals will be critical in ensuring that I achieve quality grades. Moreover, I plan to attend classes regularly and participate in class discussions with the aim of increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of the course content. Lastly, I intend to stay organized, manage my time well, build friendship and participate in academic discussions with focused students, and reach out to my faculty for concept clarification.

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