PS for Business Analytics Program Applicant

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Date:  2022-11-06

My motivation for pursuing a master's degree in business analytics program is that translating data needs the right context. The evolution of carrying out business requires employees who know to understand and organize mass quantity of data that is unstructured and interpret the information meaning in the business context and translating of the findings which help in redirecting the bottom line. There are several complains form organizations concerning data scientists that they do not have the business skills and adequate understanding of the business. Therefore, by combining of business fundamentals and data science, acquiring of a master's degree in the field of business analytics will prepare me to have the ability to understand and organize the mass quantities of the unstructured data. The other thing that motivates me to undertake a master's degree of business analytics is the fact that in America, 92% of the data scientists already have an advanced degree hence the master's degree is seen as virtually needed for building a successful career in the field of data science.

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My experience and education have introduced me to different tools, possibilities, and approaches used in the field of data science. My post-graduation was followed by an extensive exposure of career with several clients helped me in understanding and assessing my strengths. Over time, I have come to appreciate the models of business analytics as being the foundation of the success of every organization that requires moving forth which makes me envision myself in locating a position that is within a similar sphere of people who make decisions which determine the business tide around the world.

The master's degree in business analytics fit well in my career goal of becoming an analyst of business intelligence as master's in business analytics will help me in developing solutions of business intelligence which include my most valuable tools of data management that are available. Business analytic masters assist me in collecting and analyzing the current and actionable data with the purpose of giving insights into enhancing business operations thereby improving ways of bettering my understanding of business operations. Business analytics is significantly related to the category of business intelligence. Business analytics is mainly utilized in analyzing historical data having the aim of predicting the trends in business. Business intelligence includes applications, practices, and technologies for the integration, analysis, presentation, and collection of information regarding business. The role of business intelligence analysts is supporting the data-driven process of decision making. Therefore, acquiring a master's in business analytics will help me achieve my career goal of becoming a business intelligence analyst.


One way that I would contribute to the fabric of the Weatherhead culture is by learning how I will not develop into being a racist. By becoming a part of the whole people in the world will significantly help me in not becoming a racist. I would also contribute to the fabric of the Weather head culture is by treating every individual the same despite their language, creed or color and treat all people as equal. I would attain this by not carry anger of my personal life into my standing and education. Additionally, I would contribute to the fabric of the Weatherhead culture through learning integrity and honesty as well as all its meanings. This would be enabled by respecting the environment that is around me.

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