Project Management 18 Reflection Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-20

During this week's assignment, I worked on the resubmission of my previously submitted work after receiving feedback from my tutor. My tutor referred by assignment on Project management 18 for suspected misconduct. The tutor instructed that the assignment had not been marked and thus I had to rework on the areas which had been flagged. This is after my Turnitin report indicated that some of the sections in my assignment had been directly copied from secondary sources without following the correct

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The feedback from my instructor pushed me to become more interested in ways to avoid plagiarism. I, therefore, decided to do some research to find out ways in which I could improve my writing by reducing plagiarism. After conducting a search on the University Library and other sources which were recommended by my colleges, I came across some research materials which discussed plagiarism and different ways to avoid being flagged for plagiarism.

To begin with, I found out that plagiarism in academics refers to committing literary theft, use of another person's ideas as one's own, presenting an original idea derived from an existing source as a new idea and uses of another's production without crediting the source. Academically, plagiarism is the use of information from the research of previous works on a topic without accrediting the source. Also, I found out that there are different ways in which one can ensure that the work they are presenting is free from plagiarism.

The first step to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase. Paraphrasing involves reading the source that one as identified as having the information required and then putting it in your own words. A researcher should ensure that they should not copy more than two words in a row when paraphrasing a text from a research paper. In a case whereby the researcher uses more than two words in a row then one should use quotation marks to quote the text. Also, it is important to accredit the source after paraphrasing.

Citing is also another method which a researcher can avoid plagiarism. The citation method is unique to each educational institution. A citation usually involves the addition of the authors and the date of publication and in other cases the page of the cited text. A scholar should ensure that they quote when using a text exactly as it appears on the research material being used. This involves the use of block quotes. Quoting must be done correctly to avoid plagiarism. Lastly, referencing is essential while working on an academic research paper.

Though I was aware of some of the ways to avoid plagiarism, I am glad that the instructor feedback directed me towards researching more on the ways to reduce plagiarism. i intend to implement all the ways to avoid plagiarism in my future assignments. This is sure will help improve the quality of my writing which in turn will translate to high grades.


In general, the module has enabled me to learn more about project management. The input from my tutor has been very beneficial and will assist me in my future modules as well as future careers. The skills that I have acquired in the module will improve my employability attributes and am grateful for this opportunity to study.

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