Problems of the American Health Care System

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Date:  2021-03-19

Today most Americans are dissatisfied with the current system. As a result of increasing of payment for health care services employers reduce or redistribute costs for health benefits. On the one hand, it seems that government does not pay enough attention to this issue. In many elections, health care drops only to the fifth or sixth most important issue (Kazee, 2014). On the other hand, Obama administration provided significant health reforms, which will reduce the business impact of the health care system. This may gradually solve problems of health care system and let business use financial resources to make products and services.

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Thus, today a lot of problems have accumulated in the health care system, and business groups are seems to be unable to resolve them. There is confrontation between the government and business groups over the impact on health care system. People used to rely on business groups on health issues, but increasing of costs of health service, controversial reforms, and other problems may lead to the fall of the whole health care system. Redistribution of the impact on the system can help to avoid this.


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