Essay Example on Global Health Security: Reducing Risk for All

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Date:  2023-02-12

The global health security can be defined as the schemes that are taken to reduce the effect or menace of dreadful events of public health that might put the general communities at risk. They are mainly the geographic sections or at the international boundaries. The health sector works closely with the security sector, which is referred to as the health security interface. The two discus and interact with many situations concerning health or the wellbeing of people. United States Department of Health and Human Services developed the National Health Security Strategy (NHSS) strategic plan in the year 2010 that helps in reduction of the consequences that are as a result of notable health incident (Sparkes,2016). The reason this plan was developed was to coordinate different organization that deals with health securities hoping to cut cost or aim and reducing social, economic losses that may be achieved in case of a notable health occurrence.

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The National Health Security Strategy (NHSS) strategic plan extends over in coordination of incident planning and preparation, the identification of incidents, as well as the relevant recover systems or strategies that apply to every stakeholder in case of conflict concerning national health. The purpose of the plan is to make sure that all groups work in coordination and unity to make sure that they can reduce the effects of a national security incident in the geographic habitat (Sparkes, 2016). The strategy involves execution assessment, accountability frameworks, as well as the ultimate criteria of evaluation. The health and human service department of the United States of America wrote the document through the help of stakeholders by consultation as it was a requirement from the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act. They consulted with private firms and community corporations. The first publication of the health security strategies was made in 2009 but was later implemented in 2014, but there was an interim guide of implementation that got published in 2010 that before the project matures to act as an additional guideline (Permanand,2018).. The health security principle was built according to the flexibility of the community principles. This ensures that in case of a health security emergency, communities, families, and individual will be able to have quick access to health care and also have the knowledge of how they should take care of themselves as well as others who might be affected. They should be able to work in routines. The program was designed in the understanding that securing a long term health preposition at the national level is a necessity. The coordination of many stakeholders was to ensure that nationally, there is the ability to prepare for an incident, react, take action, and recover from it as fast as possible.

The interim implementation guide was implemented to help in understanding the objectives of the strategies to be employed. The interims helped the stakeholders to know how to respond and comply with the health security strategies (Permanand,2018).. It had all the amendment that was implemented in the first was the foundation that helped individuals' and stakeholders to get ready for changes and adapt to them.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), all people's health is essential, and to have security and peace, and there should be excellent coordination of all parties (Sparkes,2016). The individuals, stakeholders, communities, and states should work as one team to achieve health securities. Order in the world is significantly affected by health insecurities as it also affects the economy. According to Who health emergencies weaken the national health systems, which lead to loss of lives and are also the most significant risks that affect the economy of states and even major insecurities (Sparkes,2016). The strengthening of the health securities helps in fighting the dangers, whether created by a man or those that happen naturally. The health securities and general health coverage must work together to have a great defense system.

WHO's main objective is to help countries, especially the poorest of them keep their citizens safe and taken care of as every state must make sure that their city is protected from health insecurities. The rules should have a mechanism to prevent national health threats or have solutions to act upon them. WHO demonstrates how working collectives create a better habitat for humans globally (Sparkes, 2016). When countries work collectively to fight the health insecurities, there will be the availability of the resources needed to resist them and better support. This will lead to a stronger and safe continent with peace and unity.

WHO also has a great relationship with the junction of security and health? The WHO constitution of 1946, the people's health is essential towards the achievement of international security, and this is determined by the cooperation's of stakeholders and states (Sparkes,2016). The functional relationship between countries and togetherness leads to better global security. The statement was agreed upon after its implementation May 22 of that same year,' the response to accidents that are natural or human-made from the release of biological chemicals and the reaction to the public health by the global public health (Sparkes, 2016)'.

Health Security Interface Secretariat by WHO

The command of Health Security Investigations (HIS) is performed to those health sectors that of public health activities that fall under WHO with factors relating to security. It details the involvement of work with the military doctors, arms forces together with the law enforcement and the international organizations (Sparkes, 2016).

The Health Security Investigations acts as the advocate to the security sector and the public health of all people. This department reaches out to situations of health insecurity which giving the help needed under the World Health Organization. The organizations also main work is to raise awareness to people and institutions or stakeholders that also work towards enabling international health security. Other performances under HSI is ensuring that WHO is always prepared for response in case of any abrupt incident. It also helps in the outrun of the activities with WHO as well as internationally (Sparkes,2016).

The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA)was approved in the year 2006 with the functions to notice, compose and react to emergencies of health also helps to provide national health security strategies through the human services and department of health which are always revised after a duration of four years. There is also the Pandemic, and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2013 was passed to enact improvement of programs that were created by the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (Sparkes,2016). It revises the goals of preparedness and the skills that are required by medical officials that are used when reacting to sudden human health securities. The readiness and abilities are for events that come up without notice.


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