How to Handle the Injury and Illness Incident Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-21

The Mechanism for Safeguarding Information

Employee training on how to handle the Injury and Illness Incident report. Every employee should be enriched with information on how to perfectly enter data in the form. All requirements for handling data and recordkeeping should be known to all employees, to make them adhere to all safety measure in securing the data (Abrams, 2017). Having known the regulations, they should learn the importance of safeguarding the information by handling it right. All employee should also know the advantages of having copies of the form for reference reasons, and for confirmation that a file contains the original information.

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The safest recordkeeping requirements should be in place for storing and handling such forms. Data handling requires set standards, to ensure data originality. The set standards should include backups of data, in case of data loss due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural calamities. Employee mandated to keep records should also have set minimum requirements for storing data. In case data is changed for the right purposes; a legal procedure must be followed (Abrams, 2017). Safety measures in the data storage room should be met. The room should only be accessed by authorized personnel. Cases of data tampering should also be reported immediately.

When the Form Should Be Used

The form should be the first document filled if injuries or diseases occur at the workplace. The document is meant to set higher standards in the workplace. In the case of workplace-related death, the document should be filled within eight hours. Other illnesses, physical amputations, or any medical related issues should also be reported using the form.

Difference Between an Incident and Accident Report

The main difference between an incident form and an accident report is when they should be filled. The two are in many scenarios interchanged. An incident form reports the occurrence of an incident. An incident is an event that occurs in a workplace and can cause consequences. An incident can either be negative or positive, intentional or unintentional, and either big or small. Different types of incidents happen all the time in a working environment (Friend & Kohn, 2018). Only significant general events that cannot be described as accidents are reported using the incident form. The incident report also entails events that are avoidable by observative and vigilant employees of the company (Wiegmann & Shappell, 2017). Managers and employers can identify incidences that can cause negative effects and plan measures to counter them. Every employee has a personal responsibility in preventing negative events. however, if incidents occur, they are filled in the incident form. The incident report contains information such as the name of the involved individual, witnesses, time of occurrence, location of occurrence, preventability, and description of the incident.

On the other hand, the occurrence of an accident causes a negative effect. Accidents can also be described as incidents, but incidents cannot by accident. Accidents are described as uncontrolled, unplanned, and unforeseen. Accidents are always unintentional and cause injuries, damage, or loss of life making them negative events (Wiegmann & Shappell, 2017). Accidents are unfortunate and result from ignorance or carelessness. The accident report is used to record accident events in the workplace. Accidents are rare compared to incidents. The accident report must have the name of the affected person, witnesses, accident description, description of the injured individual, and how they were treated. References


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