UCLA STOMP: A University of Choice During COVID-19 Pandemic - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-12


Joining a university of choice that cares about its students and offers expertise has been a dream. The novel Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) has however presented a challenge in looking for the best university. The UCLA STOMP (UC) University is a university of choice for anyone wanting to join the school during this pandemic period. Despite the challenges presented by the novel COVID19, UCLA STOMP management did not hesitate to conduct an online webinar conference. Unlike physical orientations, where you get to be taken to a tour of the school, nothing as such happened during the UC online webinar conference. Undoubtedly, the campus tour brings about the feeling of being on campus and creates an image in the head that is hard to shake off. Generally, poor connection marred the conference at the beginning; nonetheless, the information provided helped make the ultimate decision of joining one of their campuses.

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I loved the pop quiz session, they made the session engaging by trying to measure the mastery of content, this helped remember the answers afterward. It was a good opportunity to be advised by the UCLA students who surprisingly were not as studious as I thought; rather, they were lively and fun. I got out with the notion that education is fun and it’s fun to be at UCLA. Information on the university's' transfer admission planner (TAP), came in handy in knowing how to track and plan coursework. Additionally, it was mentioned that the tool would also help students who wish to transfer from California community colleges and those seeking Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with one of the six participating UC campuses. It was crucial to learn that each of the UC campuses had expertise in a specific major. Vital information about the most desired major to the least desired was shared. Majors like biology, cognitive science, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, Spanish comm., and food science. Apart from the majors, it was good to know that there are alternate options for people who are not lucky to get their desired majors.

The information provided during the conference makes it a good fit for me. First, the application timeline has been set in such a way that it allows time for admission processing, this means ample time to fill in the application form and consequent filling the TAG if necessary. Additional Information on UC majors and their respective minimum GPA requirements will also help find and decide the best course. Furthermore, the opportunity to choose a campus of choice among the six UC campuses makes it ideal for me. The concentration and expertise of particular majors in a specified campus is a good thing that will guarantee expertise in a specific major. The provision of a TAP is a plus, especially when it comes to tracking and planning my course at UC.

My desire to take a course of choice at the university and the wish to be occupied during the quarantine period makes me an ultimate fit for UC. I aspire to focus and contribute academically to further the expertise showcased by UC. Additionally, it is my wish to get involved in team activities with the fun UC students in completing projects. My inclination in extra-curricula activities further makes me an ideal fit for UC to help in growing and developing the institution holistically. It is without a doubt that the conference was informative and helpful because there was information I did not know before and now I know. After my experience, I do feel like UCLA is a good fit for me and that I am also fit for the university.

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