Postgraduate Dentistry Personal Statement

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  731 Words
Date:  2021-09-02


Dentistry is a great opportunity for me to combine my interests and aptitude in scientific studies with a huge desire and promising ability to develop my communication abilities with patients while making positive impacts in their lives. I am a general dentist from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a dentistry degree from Ajman University for Science and Technology, UAE. To kick-start my dentistry practice, I closely observed and shadowed my uncle who is a practicing dental surgeon in Jumeira, UAE. I have also sought other opportunities especially in the prosthodontics field, an area I seek to specialize in for my postgraduate studies.

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In preparation for my specialization, I realized that I needed to develop a keen interest in the restoration and proper functionality of patients teeth, as well as good mouth health for the long term. As such, adding on to my excellent academic performance at Ajman University, I have observed and been a part of various dental procedures in practice. As a shadow of my mentor, Dr, Faizal, at Al Jalila's Children's Dental Clinic in UAE, I was part of numerous dental procedures such as scale and polish, crown-bridgework procedures, and clinical examinations. I also had the great opportunity to learn on the key administrative aspects involved in running a successful dental practice. Moving from Al Jalila's Clinic as a dental surgery intern, I joined Dr. Micheal's Dental Clinic in Jumeirah, Dubai, which helped me to sharpen my skills further in procedures such as teeth cleaning and whitening, fillings, as well as normal check-ups. I have also been involved in practical sessions with top dental surgeons in Jumeirah. These sessions have continually sharpened my skills in new areas of prosthodontic dentistry, including more detailed procedures such as dental implant placements, root canal surgery, and bone grafting. Each of these experiences is steering and preparing me for my intended postgraduate studies at your institution.

Focus on Prosthodontics and Postgraduate Studies

My decision to further my dentistry studies in the field of prosthodontics was fuelled my dream to start my dental practice with the aim of helping people smile better and with more confidence. As a prosthodontic surgeon, my focus will be perfecting my surgical techniques for restoration and placement of dental implants, as well as bridge and crown construction techniques for replacement of teeth. In my postgraduate, I look forward to gaining skills on some dental treatment procedures including the fabrication of partial and complete dentures, amalgam and composite restorations, bridge and crown restorations, implant crowns and replacements, tooth extraction, oral obturator prosthesis fabrications, and complete dental rehabilitation. Upon the completion of my postgraduate degree and receiving my accreditation to practice, I intend to provide my services to the locals via my clinic in Jumeirah. This is because there is a potent market, with a substantial populace in need of dental care away from the bustle of main hospitals.

Apart from my volunteer work with the St. Johns Ambulance team in Jumeirah, I have been an active member of the Universitys debate team, which has positively contributed to my communication skills. I also love roller-skating and playing soccer as a way to keep fit and relax. As such, I believe I am a well-rounded dentist ready to advance and positively shape the dentistry practice in UAE.

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