Admission Letter Example for Obtaining the ATSUs Degree for Physician Assistant Program

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Date:  2021-06-17

After being licensed and practicing for a while as a Physician Assistant in a health care facility, I realized that I could perform better in my field if I got additional skills as well as additional knowledge. This was so since there were some gaps in the industry that needed more skills and knowledge to bridge. The A. T. Still University (ATSU) in its program offers training that covers not only these skills but also additional others. Secondly, I have learnt that the university allows person who are already practicing to begin pursuing the course immediately in one of the colleges. This matches perfectly with my plan to start the program immediately, so that I can be in a position to deliver better services to both the clients and the facility as well as the community at large.

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The university offers this program online, meaning that students who pursue the program enjoy flexibility as far as the time of study is concerned. In addition, this works very well for working professional who can still carry on their profession while they continue to pursue the program. I find this very favorable to my case since I am practicing, that I could continue practicing as I pursue the program.

Currently, in the health sector, there is increased demand for physician assistants. This is due to the small number of professional pursuing courses that enable them to practice as physician assistants as compared to the increased number of patients that need such care in the various facilities. Pursuing this program will put me in a position to better serve the very important role in the sector as I become a health care leader in line with my career goals. In addition this will go a long way in trying to address that gaps already present as well as meeting the high demand that already exists in the health sector.

Finally, the ATSUs degree for Physician Assistant Program have over the years earned its prestige due to the universitys curriculum is prestigious and have elevated the Physician Assistants who have graduated from the institution to the top of their professions. These graduates have also showcased leadership that is outstanding in the various areas where they practice. In that, the university has created a reputation of delivering quality education to its students, to enable them to perform exploit in the different fields they are trained for. This is the kind of quality that I pursue in the institution.

How I meet the ATSUs Mission.

The mission of ATSU is to serve as a learning-centered university dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals through innovative academic programs with a commitment to continue its osteopathic heritage and focus on whole person healthcare, scholarship, community health, inter-professional education, diversity and underserved populations. One of the factors that have informed my decision to pursue the program at the university is the fact that I realized a gap that I felt that if the gap was bridged, then I would be in a position to deliver better care to the various patients. This meets the part of the mission that seeks preparing professionals that are highly competent since it is the additional skills as well as knowledge that I need to get to the level desired.

Secondly, due to the plan of pursuing the program as I continue to practice I would wish to flexible classes that allow me to sufficient time to practice and pursue the program concurrently. The university in its mission seeks to use innovative academic programs to achieve their mandate. It is through such innovation that the university is able to offer the program online with flexible classes which translates into allowing the practicing students to continue practicing as they carry on their day to day activities in practice.

Part of ATSUs mission focuses on health care that is whole person, diversity and underserved populations. As mentioned earlier, there is increased demand for physician assistants in the health sector. Increased demand for the same translates into having populations that are underserved. In pursuing this program at the university, I hope to work together with the university to contribute towards meeting the existing demand in the health sector. Secondly, as already mentioned, the universitys graduates have created a reputation of leadership that is outstanding in the different areas of their practice. This is contributed to by the diversity offered in the university as well as the focus on health care that is whole person. This perfectly matches my plans that contribute to achieving my career goals.

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