Philosophy Teacher: Facilitating Learning and Motivating Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


My responsibility as a philosophy teacher is to create an appropriate interaction in the classroom and ensure that all students participate in the learning and teaching processes. My role as a teacher also involves motivating students to put more effort in their academic activities. I do not like making strict rules or policies that command students because they affect the efficacy of teaching and learning in the classroom context. In my teaching profession, I am aware that people were created differently; therefore, children have unique qualities that help them in improving their performances.

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I will assist all the students during the classroom sessions to express and accept themselves; therefore, enabling them to remain determined or focused in all activities they perform. I believe that creating a friendly and conducive environment in the classroom improves the psychological wellbeing of all students. Reducing tension and stress on students enable them to focus on their studies; therefore, leading to quality performances (Motulsky, Gere, Saleem, & Trantham, 2014). Also, I acknowledge that different classrooms have unique communities/structures based on how students interact, especially in sharing the learning materials. After analyzing the uniqueness of the classroom, I will assist all students in the process of developing their learning styles. In this case, I will develop an appropriate curriculum that incorporates the learning styles of all students in the classroom and avoid strict rules. Also, the proper environment in the classroom promotes content learning. Lastly, I will apply cooperative knowledge, hands-on learning, themes, projects, and personal activities that lead to student engagement. I have been able to improve the academic performances of the students in the past through the adoption of hands-on learning in the classroom setting.

The Teaching of Psychology and Social Change

Education is life because it determines the livelihoods of people. Education is the primary approach used in promoting social change in a community or country. A classroom is a place to study and adopt social change. As a psychology teacher, I am responsible for promoting social change by educating the students on the importance of living well with other people and respecting human dignity. My main objective is to adopt practical teaching approaches that make the student promote social change.

My teaching sessions on social change involve the introduction of education policies that guide all students in developing appropriate behaviors. I will also prepare my students in the classroom to adhere to the policies that promote social change in the community. Social change starts with on the individual level, where students develop appropriate behaviors that embrace introduced modifications in society. I will encourage students to actively participate in all activities conducted in the classroom setting because social change cannot be achieved on the individual level. Participation of all students in the classroom promotes active learning; therefore, delivering social change. Also, I usually teach students how to improve their critical thinking skills rather than focusing only on classroom problems. Thinking beyond the classroom context makes all students develop appropriate skills and promote social change. Examples of components/factors that illustrate the relationship between teaching and social change include democracy and equality in the classroom. Freedom provides all students with the opportunity to express their views without intimidation. Equality promotes unity and effective interaction in the classroom context (Motulsky et al., 2014). Throughout my profession, I have been able to encourage students to expect the need for social change by believing in their abilities to influence other members of the community.


Motulsky, S. L., Gere, S. H., Saleem, R., & Trantham, S. M. (2014). Teaching Social Justice in Counseling Psychology. The Counseling Psychologist, 42(8), 1058-1083. Retrieved from:

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