PhD Application Letter Example: Computer Engineering

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  475 Words
Date:  2022-03-07

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am currently a master's holder of computer science and a bachelor of computer engineering. Pursuing my education at the Ph.D. level will not only benefit me but also my country. With my current educational background, I have for several corporations and institutions. I worked for Amazon corporation USA as a system engineer. The job required me to have a combination of abilities including system design and analysis as well as communication, mathematical, and business skills. While in Amazon I learned a lot of knowledge such as installing, configuring, and maintaining network and infrastructure standards.

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I also had a brief experience working as a teaching assistant at the University of Zawia, and I had the opportunity to work with a great teaching staff and highly educated professors and instructors. Working with them in the school of engineering and I taught subjects such as MATLAB, programming languages, and digital logic lab. I also worked as a control engineer in the steel production factory. While at the factory I gained experience in the knowledge on semiconductors, robotics, electronics, microcontrollers, FPGAs, and real-time systems that could help me in the Ph.D. program. My working experience with Telecommunication Company LTT (Libya Telecom & Technology) as a network engineer. I gained knowledge and experience in networking such as configuring and installing routers workstations and wireless controllers, supporting IT projects with end-to-end system solutions. With the above experiences gained over the years, I feel confident in pursuing my graduate studies.

With my current experiences, I have become interested in researching on creating ways to take advantage of artificially intelligent systems, computer vision, and machine learning to facilitate things that couldn't be done before. Back in 2007, I was part of the AI community for 3 years while I was a student. I developed some games based on artificial intelligent methods and I was enjoying them. Robotics has been one of my best interests and I was always trying to design and develop small robotics.

In my life, I have received some awards and achievements, while in college I was awarded for the best project at the engineering college at the science fair 2005. My project was about designing small robots that used artificial intelligent pathfinding techniques to exit a small maze used in the experiment. In 2007 I earned an excellence award for the best graduation project which was about designing a smartpen that can type anything you do on paper and translate it in the computer through software I developed and designed. In 2008, while working in the steel company I was honored with a training course in PLCs and digital circuits in Italy. I am a hardworking fellow who is productive in my specialization. I hereby seek to apply for the Ph.D. course so as to enable me to be better and create some of the unique robotics.

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