Personal Statement to Get MSc in Environmental Consultancy

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Date:  2022-11-20

Environmental consultancy involves the profession of providing guidance in decision-making processes that relate to environmental aspects of organizational projects and business decisions. I am interested in environmental consultancy due to its significance that encompasses a wide range of areas from public health, business, and the environment. Principally, when it comes to environmental governance, organizations emerge as both the recipients and contributors to the establishment of environmental practices and norms thereby also playing a role in the development of legislation and regulatory standards (Bouteligier, 2011). These standards, in the long run, affect actual practice and the quality of the environment. Therefore, consultancy encompasses the entire world of practices and actions that have to do with the quality of the environment. As such, consultants are always regarded as significant to the responsiveness of the organization to environmental issues.

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One reason why I am applying for MSc environmental consultancy in the University of West England in Bristol relates to its economic importance. In economic issues, environmental consultancy plays an important role in corporate governance, legal compliance and risk management. Some of the main issues that pertain to the mentioned aspects in organizational bounds have to do with the extent to which the organizations can fulfill their business goals. For instance, some organizations ought to appeal to consumer impressions of their influence and role in the environment. Organizations also ought to ensure that they keep their manufacturing process parameters within the government requirements (Bouteligier, 2011). As such, there is a large extent to which the consultancy influences the perceivable productivity and the longevity of organizations in their particular functions. In turn, the organizations are able to improve the manner in which they engage with environmental resources thereby affecting the environmental quality. Environmental resources also form an important part of the economic resource among countries and may well be involved in the country's economics.

Mainly, consultancy affects the environment more directly through its function in influencing decision making in companies and other types of organizations. Consultancy companies work with organizations guiding them in ensuring that they can achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability. As such, the main advantage of consultancy to the environment involves enhancing the sustainability of the environment to human activities and their impacts. Bouteligier (2011) explains that consultancy affects environmental sustainability through the development of strategic sustainability. That is, the consultancy role in sustainability may involve the development of climate change measures and solutions to possible climate change problems. As a manager in Consultancy companies, I will thus be involved in strategic sustainability decisions and actions such as resource analytics and management, environmental impact management.


Finally, I am most interested in the environmental consultancy course due to its role in public health. Particularly, environmental consultancy affects public life through its influence on organizational decision making on public health impacts of projects. Environmental consequences often after that affect public life such that consultancy is meant to make decisions that promote public health. Conclusively, the environmental health course is important due to its ability to affect several different factors that have to do with climate change and environmental sustainability. For instance, environmental consultancy affects public health in risk assessments of organizational decisions. Consultancy, therefore, forms a huge part of corporate social and environmental sustainability aspect of the organizations. In return, consultancy interacts with policy implementation and the development of regulations through promoting environmental friendly requirements or ensuring compliance in organizations. These decisions, in turn, influence the business goals of organizations and resource quality in the economies thereby being important to both financial and environmental economics.

Reference List

Bouteligier, S. (2011). Exploring the agency of global environmental consultancy firms in earth system governance. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 11(1), 43-61.

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