Personal Statement: Master of Science in Marketing

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  620 Words
Date:  2022-04-07


Marketing is a vital function in today's rapidly competitive business environment. The role is essential for almost all industries whether profit-making or not for profit. Marketing efforts offer significant benefits to businesses and customers such as developing commodities that satisfy needs, lowering product prices through competition, creating demand for products and developing product distribution systems. Subsequently, no one can turn a blind eye to its significance as it fuels both internal and external business activities. Many organizations have realized marketing's power to create and maintain demand, remain competitive and reputable therefore they heavily invest in the function. Consequently, professionals in the marketing field play crucial roles in the business world today and I want to be part of this vital and dynamic discipline.

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It is essential for today's students to obtain a degree that will offer unique marketing strategies and approaches that will enable them to create brands, develop products, identify new markets, maintain firm's reputation and build lasting relationships with clients, therefore, sustain growth in an increasingly competitive environment. I am ready for this challenge. I am very interested in the modules covered by the program principally consumer behavior, marketing management, marketing research, and strategy. Many professional marketers have honed their craft in the lecture halls of Qatar University, and I wish to join this list. Although I did a major in finance, I am confident that my subject knowledge from the minor in marketing combined with my passion for the subject matter gives me the necessary experience to succeed while studying the degree program.

I hold an undergraduate degree with a major in finance and a minor in marketing from Qatar University. My undergraduate study went well at the academic front since I achieved an overall GPA of 3.09. During my undergraduate education, the university entrusted me with a position as a registration specialist a role that I have performed diligently. This position has given me a first-rate exposure to real-life work experience in addition to enhancing my communication skills. Moreover, I had an outstanding opportunity to learn and explore various working methods. The bachelor's degree has partially enabled me to gain basic knowledge of marketing. I now want to deepen my education in this field which will allow me to achieve specialist knowledge and professional skills in marketing and its business side.

Qatar University is my first choice for the Master of Science in Marketing degree program because of the quality education it offers to all students without discrimination. Having pursued my undergraduate degree in this university, I am well aware of the excellent teaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities, rich study resources such as fully equipped research laboratories, flexible, high-quality curriculum and a high reputation for its degree programs. Moreover, the university opens up the platform to meet and interact with a diverse student population through its student exchange programs hence facilitates creating new networks, learning new languages and cultures. Finally, I am drawn to the program's holistic approach that offers a balance between theoretical and practical modules.

After obtaining my master's degree, my short-term aspirations are to work in the student affairs section of this prestigious university. In the long-term, I want to establish a marketing firm where I will assist individuals market their products since inadequate promotion may kill a commodity with high potential. Also, I intend to give back to the society by creating employment openings thereby contributing to social responsibility. The fulfillment of this goal, however, requires that I study in a rigorous academic environment like the one Qatar University offers. Consequently, I perceive the master's program to be a crucial step in my overall career path and do believe that my skills and competence level are in tandem with the university's graduate-level requirements.

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