Locating Operations in Jacksonville: Benefits & Office Spaces - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-11-02


By locating operations in a town like Jacksonville, companies must note that benefits accruing to such a move can be humongous (Jones & George, 2015). To begin with, there are quite a few packs that could come with office space (Patterson, 2020). Office space is quite cheaper, in a location such as Jacksonville, and the quality is either the same or much better than in New York (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). The quality, in this case, could likely be due to the spacious rooms and offices. In Jacksonville, one may find that there is more elbow space than in New York (Patterson, 2020).

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Another benefit for companies may be the operating costs for the business. Access to services and supplies might come at a lower price at Jacksonville. It is, therefore, likely to become much less expensive to operate at the same pace in New York, within Jacksonville (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). For most companies, realizing this will be quite fast, and therefore meaning that it is a better deal. Therefore, companies stand to make quite a lot of savings, should they be able to make their presence in Jacksonville type of locations (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

Also, Jacksonville is a place that likely fetches lower wages and salaries than in New York (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). This means that for companies, it would be cheaper for them to afford staff in Jacksonville, as their location of the business (Patterson, 2020). Communities in Jacksonville are less demanding, and so is the business environment (Patterson, 2020). It is undoubtedly cheaper, therefore, to hire staff in a place like Jacksonville, which would go ahead to ensure that they make considerable savings in terms of staff compensation and remunerations (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). Companies looking to locate satellites of their business, should, therefore, not be afraid of making a move (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

Advantages of Having Offices in Jacksonville as Opposed to Abroad

Having offices in Jacksonville protects American jobs, and ensures that all the jobs are American-owned (Robinson, 2020). This means that the maintenance of jobs within the country is therefore very possible, and will also ensure that the national GDP is certainly grown upwards (Patterson, 2020). The growth of the Gross Domestic Product will be ensured by the synergies that will be generated by the attraction of complementary industries within the Jacksonville location (Jones & George, 2015). For businesses to thrive well, it will certainly be beneficial and cheaper for them to get complimentary services due to the proximity to the mother company (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

The high costs of running an overseas post of a business could be another thing that companies will escape from by having a local post (Robinson, 2020). It is, therefore, tough for businesses with overseas posts, to run business, due to the extreme costs of the establishment (Parmer, 2016). The cost of transportation of certain services amidst the challenges that may be faced at the border are all contributing factors to the severe conditions of running an overseas post. Companies should, therefore, do their best to ensure that they can maintain operations within the parent company’s national location, even in their location of satellite outlets (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

It is tough for companies to also monitor operations in an overseas outpost. This is giving account to the very complicated process of keeping tabs on business operations abroad, remotely (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). It, therefore, creates more challenges for operations, given the nature of strenuous communications between the headquarters and the satellite. It is undoubtedly better, therefore, for businesses to be located within their parent branch’s vicinity, in terms of national borders. Having all businesses within the same national borders is therefore very convenient for most businesses, who would rather stay this way (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

Advantages of Having Offices in Jacksonville as Opposed to New York

First of all, one has more space, which ensures that you have a feeling of personal space, which keeps one healthy in terms of your mental satisfaction and tension (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020). In New York, it is tough for one to have a personal space, this is due to the robust decision businesses have to make, in terms of choosing between a prime location, and adequate space. Most businesses situated in New York, therefore, choose the location and compromise on space. This dynamic leads to the workplace in New York being crowded, and individuals have the least personal space (Patterson, 2020). This, however, at Jacksonville, is offered in abundance.

Working in Jacksonville also offers one the benefit of being within a relaxed environment, it is therefore very beneficial for individuals to work in such environments, most notably for their mental health (Parmer, 2016). In Jacksonville, one may have enough time to go to the beach, and relax, which also does better to one’s body, in addition to the mental benefits. Workers who choose to work at Jacksonville will, therefore, be more inclined to be happy and more fulfilled, due to their more relaxed lifestyle. Life in New York is most likely to produce grumpy and unhappy individuals (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).

Working in Jacksonville also allows one to have a bit of social life, as one gets adequate time to be around people who are not just trying to make a living, but who are trying to actually ‘live’ in its real senses (Robinson, 2020). Jacksonville provides one with a quality social life that ensures you are well-balanced and allows you to practice your social skills, which might come in handy, even in non-Jacksonville kind of situations. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that one has adequate time for socialization, as humans are social beings. Jacksonville, therefore, offers a conducive environment for socialization and eliminates the robot-like lifestyle of people (Rustambekov & Mohan, 2020).


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