Personal Statement: Georgetown MS in Mathematics and Statistics

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Date:  2022-11-08


The goal in life is to achieve all life desires. During my undergraduate study at Rutgers University, I developed a keen interest in statistics, especially in the data analysis and information processing. When I studied Statistics in my freshman year, I noticed that the statistical methods of analytics acquired from class could be freely applied to tackle problems in almost everywhere of our life in this information era. It was the initial driving force of my motivation to delve deeper in Statistics in graduate study. I was glad that I knew what I wanted out of life. Moreover, I believed that the career would enable me to be the best and use my prowess to help the needy in society.

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Three years ago, I embarked on my undergraduate program of Mathematics major and Economics minor, and firmed my numerical foundation step by step from courses like Statistics I, Elem Diff Equations, Linear Optimization, and Econ Data Analytics. The broad applications of mathematics and statistics, in turn, deepened my understanding of this major. However, my academic progress was accompanied by a confusion- what can I achieve by employing these formulas and theorems? Driven by this question, I proactively participated in various educational projects. In a research project The Relationship between the Education Level, Living Standards, and salaries in 500 Families, I constructed the model, implemented the multiple regression analysis to analyze its correlations, make comparisons on the findings, and prepare the research paper. Through this process, I learned to utilize data analysis tools as SAS Sentiment Analysis to create a cogent analysis. It was not a simple practice: the research I conducted was used to make corporate decisions. In the other project The Interrelationship between the Annual Number of Lung Cancer Cases Caused by Smoking with the Color of Daily Dressing, I did a lot of preparation work in data collection and significantly deepened my understanding of data analysis. After spending a few hundred hours searching for the required data in different types of reports, I made a comprehensive statement based on my review. My tutor highly appreciated the results.

The academic research experience significantly enhanced my abilities in mathematical modeling and analysis. However, I lacked the practical application of my knowledge and skills. I got rid of this shortcoming by participating in summer internship programs (2017, 2018). During my internships in the companies related to financial industry, I was not only given the opportunity to work as a part of a professional team and completed two large-scale programs, but also equipped with the ability to learn very quickly on financial risk analysis and asset management planning. My duties included: manual gathering; checking detailed reports; making relevant analysis to control risks independently. I learned how to research a real situation. By working on those projects, I gained in-depth insights into actual techniques of data processing and numerical analysis and enhanced my ability to interpret phenomenon hidden behind data. Thanks to these internships, I gained professional confidence and a desire to continue studying these topics at the highest level. My internships also made me realize that only systematic theoretical knowledge together with empirical experience can convert ideas to actual values: it clarifies my passion for data analytics and the need of pursuing a Master's degree to solidify my Mathematics and Statistics knowledge further.

From a careful study of the MS in Mathematics and Statistics program offered by Georgetown University, I believe that you can provide me with a perfect environment for directing my further pursuit of excellence. I have been deeply attracted by three of your features. Firstly, the theoretical excellence and industrial internship opportunity will surely equip me with robust mathematical analysis and statistical techniques and real practice ability. Additionally, it's an excellent platform for me to go deeper in data analytics through courses such as Longitudinal Data Analysis and Data Mining and Real Analysis. The opportunity to work with the diversified students and faculty, to deepen my understanding of mathematical and statistical analysis.

After completion of my graduate study, I plan to become an analyst in an international business area, accumulating working experience and professional analytical skills and sharpening my business acumen. In the long run, I plan to specialize in investment risk management, utilizing the professional skills as well as the abilities in mathematical modeling and programming that I will gain at Georgetown University to shoulder more significant duties. Also, I hope that the experience gained in the framework of professional activities will allow me to create an exciting concept for Ph.D. research.


I am fully aware of how much your esteemed program will help me and confident that I am a 'fit' one who will embrace every exciting opportunity opening up at Georgetown University. The institution's environment is conducive for learning and networking. Through the assistance of the institution, I believe that I will immensely contribute to the growth of the course.

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