Masters in Management Studies at Duke University - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-26


Pursuing a Masters in Management Studies (MMS) at Duke University will equip me with the necessary skills I need to be successful in the management profession. Duke University offers two programs under the MMS faculty; Foundations of Business under Fuqua and another program at Duke Kunshan University. I will pursue the first program in the USA then proceed to finish the remaining part in Duke Kunshan China Campus. I intend to enroll in the Fuqua program to sharpen my expertise and leadership skills. The Fuqua program offers students an opportunity to acquire general management skills through high levels of training. The Fuqua program introduces students to management classes, equips them with marketing skills, and nurtures them to become excellent leaders.

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At the end of the course, I target to accrue some knowledge that can make me an effective leader. At the end of the course, I aim to secure immediate employment so that I can apply my skills to real life. Studying in two nations USA and China, will give me the necessary exposure and experience I target to get. Studying across borders will also offer me opportunities to make networks and get to connect with more people. I will get a chance to connect with Fuqua students on Fuqua Friday program. At the end of the course, I want to meet the Duke alumni and form networks with them to improve my management skills.

In case I am unable to achieve my goals immediately at the end of the course, I will apply the knowledge I have learned in class to come up with small projects to build towards the bigger goals. The MMS course at Duke University equips students with skills on how to start and successfully manage businesses. At the end of the course, I want to apply the skills to improve and grow my career. At Duke University, we get to interact and make friends. I intend to use the networks to penetrate the Management market in the future. I will create my opportunities from the skills I have gained in class in case my goals fail.

Duke University consists of Students from different parts of the world. The institution gives students platforms to interact and form friendship networks through extra-curriculum activities such as sports and cultural events. I intend to make friends through the Fuqua Friday program that brings students in the MMS faculty together. Studying at Duke Kunshan China university will allow me to learn and create a friendship network with the Chinese people. I intend to join the Bass connections team to have some new experiences in project management and get to meet new students from other disciplines.

Duke University offers exciting opportunities for students to interact through cultural and sports activities. The institution has active basketball and soccer teams. Duke also provides excellent opportunities for students to connect through iconic baseball league. I intend to spend my leisure time in the fields refreshing and getting to connect with new people. Duke also entertains students through the annual American dance festivals, Carolina dance performances, Full-frame film festivals, and visual arts. Attending the programs will not only offer me some exciting experiences, but I will also get an opportunity to meet new people. I am an outgoing person; I like meeting and getting to know people. I believe through sports and cultural arenas; I will expand on my friendship networks. I plan to attend the alumni meetings and get to connect with them through social media platforms. Duke connects students through social media platforms such as WhatsApp groups. I intend to exploit the opportunities to get to know and meet new people.

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