Early Childhood Development: Adaptation Failure Impacts

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Date:  2023-02-09

Parents must keep tabs on their children development and observe whether they grow well or not. Children achieve various milestones at their own pace; however, most gain these skills at a particular age during their early childhood development. Failure for children to adapt to the multiple signs can result in some in some negative consequences on the various aspects of their lives. Below is a discussion on the implications of adaptation failure in language, walking, and social, emotional milestones

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Language acquisition among toddlers is one of the most critical signs that kids ought to accomplish. Failure to acquire language might result in the child not been able to express themselves comfortably and as such struggle to learn. In most instances, the inability to adapt and beginning talking is associated with having language impairment. Children who struggle to communicate experience a lot of challenges during their preschool in terms of health and education-wise. Language delay negatively affects the child readiness for school and as a result, causes them to performs poorly in academics(Mash & Wolfe, 2019).

Failure to adapt also can influence the lives of young children in the future negatively. In the future, where there will be prone to mental health problems because of the rise in demand for people who have excellent communication skills. Language thus based on this pose a challenge to the lives


Delay in walking; arises due to the child failing to gain skills necessary for them to walk during their first three years. The development of a child motor skills can facilitate the child leading a happy and fulfilled life; however, delay or failure to walk means the child cannot play like other children. Socialization is a very crucial part in the presence of a child; the implication of not walking means they never get this chance. Failure to adapt and start walking early influence the learning abilities of the child at school. Many of these children with language problems often come from low-income families which lacks the essential resources that can propel their kids to learn(Mash & Wolfe, 2019). Walking developmental can also be a sign of a problem a child is suffering, and thus children should be taken for treatment presences as they grow into adulthood.

Social-emotional milestones

This kind of development refers to the child ability to relate, experience, and being able to manage their emotions while with others. The implication of not developing these skills means the child will struggle to get friends who will then assist them in other activities such as play and learning. Learning to control emotions is a vital skill that should be cultivated in childhood so that the child can be able to manage them and positively express them. Poor social and emotional skills will deny a child a chance to cultivate the right relationship, and in turn, they might face backlash because of their poor habits (Mash & Wolfe, 2019).

Just like other milestones failure to adapt to healthy social and emotional behavior contributes to the child performing poorly in their academics. Learning to manage emotions has been associated with the ability of an individual to handle cognitive processes such as thinking and decision making. The implication of failing to develop these critical processes can negatively affect the children's relationships even at adulthood. Besides that, learning to socialize can influence how one handles different situations without exhibiting negative emotions.


Mash, E.J. & Wolfe, D.A. (2019). Abnormal Child Psychology, 7th Ed. Wadsworth Publishing.

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