Personal Statement for Masters in Finance Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  542 Words
Date:  2022-10-03

Studying a master's degree in Finance requires one to be focused as well as being determined. Over the last decade, the field of finance has become more integrated beyond one's borders and that anyone with the urge to pursue it must cross the borders to have the international perspective to be informed of realities of the diverse global arenas. I am unique to have a different background in finance both professionally and academically; I have taken numerous internship sessions in various firms. Besides this, I have a good understanding of financial principles tracing from my college attachment course to my current place of work. For these, am confident to say am exposed to diverse finance environment, and I can confidently work independently or as a team to achieve a personal or a team's goal. I believe I have a strong background and foundations to pursue this course in your esteem institution after being advised by my professors further from my online research. By so studying at your university, I will be guaranteed to accomplish my goals and career is owing to the production environment, facilities, and resources that can aid my learning.

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I must admit that I have a strong personality right from my teenage; I do set goals and targets beyond those of my fellow peers. Right from my previous college; where I was among the best. This made me seek a more competitive platform to pursue my master's degree. I believe that learning is a continuous process that goes beyond the classroom settings; meeting new students and friends would aid my understanding towards the different cultures, people, as well as languages, which will make me fit well on the global scale. However, I will not be a liability to your esteem institution since I am good at sports where I can represent your school.

Throughout my undergraduate course, I have been taking financial units, which I believe has broadened my financial skills while submerging myself in the rich global arena on a daily basis. As a result, am confident to say that I can quickly adapt your institution's learning for my graduate program in your esteem institution.

I look forward benefiting my country from the education, skills, and experience I would have acquired from your institution that would assist me to secure a good job as well as fitting into the global financial market. I will be able to invest the same knowledge to my colleagues at work so that they can have a better understanding of finance on the global scale. As a result, they will also be able to overcome their obstacles and challenges based on my encounters. Therefore, my graduate program will not only be beneficial to me but to the entire community and nation at large.


Based on these merits, I look forward to joining your institution to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge that will be helpful and useful to me. I will not only develop my career potentially, but also provide me with excellent opportunities for future success in life as my past indicates a rapid progression in the finance field, and am so eager to continue with that progress by so enrolling for the graduate program. Thanks for your time and considerations.

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