Personal Statement for Business Analytics Applicant Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  551 Words
Date:  2022-10-20

The vast nature of the Business Analytics field has accorded me a sufficient chance to further my career with pleasure. It is not enough that I have had numerous stunts of experience, thus broadening my scope of understanding and comprehension of the details in the Business Analytics field. My short but detailed experience in the Business Analysis filed has earned me streams of interest to expand my scope to the service area. I am and have always had the urge to pass on my skills and knowledge to the next generation of learners and the future crop of Business analysts. The drive to have part-time lecture sessions in one of the established colleges around Texas has driven me to engage prospective institutions of higher learning for available opportunities.

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The role of business analysts is not limited to the functional duties and interaction with the machinery at the office level. I understand that prosperous business analysts must be equipped with both the intellectual capabilities as well as the interpersonal skills for business expansion objectives. I am determined to find an institution that will nurture my ambition to reality, one that will turn me into the Business Analyst that I aspire to be. I hold dear my short-term desire to acquire sufficient knowledge from an institution such as the University of Texas to equip me with the relevant knowledge on the interpersonal skills and people's management relevant to the business analyst's' career.

My long-term goal is to advance my corporate skills as well as grow my knowledge in the Business Analyst industry. My past educational background which majorly dwelt in advanced statistics is a critical stepping stone in propelling me towards a new height of Business Analytics professional career. I am proud of my ability to interpret business challenges and to identify opportunities for them. In the same way, I have immersed an accolade in the entrepreneurship champion of the year while at the campus, having initiated and run a successful campaign to link the students and the external business world. I have the discipline and personal drive to bring into the fore what it takes to attain the status of an outstanding business analytic in the industry. A chance to advance my interests and to actualize my dreams would be a welcome idea at all costs.


I recognize Riversand Technologies and the degree of support it has accorded the Texas University and the entire department of Commerce. The Company has been on the frontline in exposing the students to the finer details of Statistical interpretation of data by providing short-term internship opportunities and work experience in their ranks. The partnership between Texas University and Riversand Technologies Companies gives me the impetus to seek for a chance to interact with some of the people who have had their stunts in the Business Analyst discipline. The Riversand Technologies Company has had a lasting experience in the Business Analysis field, thus that providing a world-class software solution to their clients. This is exactly where I would love to work in the future, to be a solution provider and to change the course of business in China as a whole. I have since engaged several contacts from the Riversand Technologies Company with the hope of securing a permanent staff position with them through Texas University.

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