Using Feminist Ideas to Raise Boys Who Are Not Misogynists Essay

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Date:  2022-09-21

The above-stated topic was published on August 7, 2018, on the New York Times paper. The key point was that the boy child has been neglected by the society for a very long period of time. Empowered young men and women should the first priority of both the government and society in general. This is because they dictate the future of tomorrow. In regard to this topic, we need first to understand what development psychology I, in simple terms it is the study of human behavior and how it changes in the course of their lifespan. Initially, it was focused on the infant but to date, it includes adolescence, young adult's development, and the aging or rather the entire lifespan. Psychologists aim to explain how behavioral changes, a way of thinking and expression of emotional feelings are cognitive with day to day life experiences. This explores more on personality, social change, identity formation, and self-concept. Development psychology also examines how nature influences human development and the process of change in the context of the time in regard to person interaction and characteristics.

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In this case study, we are to oversee nature versus nature debate which is one of the oldest philosophical issues within developmental psychology. This is important because it is believed that the mind is a blank slate at birth and with time and experience it determines the knowledge and know-how that a human being possesses. As much as philosophers such as Plato and Descartes were in support of the idea that some of these ideas are inborn, other philosophers like John Locke argued through concept of tabula rasa, which actually was a belief in the sense that the mind was actually a blank slate at conception, with experience determining the existing knowledge. Today among many psychologists believe that the interaction of the two forces in the course of the development.

Another important consideration involves the actual importance of early experiences and those others that occur later in life. The crucial question is. Are we virtually more affected with events that occur during our childhood, or do later events play an equally essential role? Most psychologists tend to focus more on events that occur in early childhood but according to Freud, it's evident that more of a child's personality is witnessed at the age of five, therefore, giving a clear picture of those children who experience childhood abuse who may never adjust or develop normally. Contrast to this view it is more like that childhood events do not necessarily affect or dominate the behavioral changes in a human's life. It is evident that in most cases where people imperfect childhoods develop normally into well behaved adjusted adults.

Continuity and discontinuity are other issues relevant to nature. The question is whether change occurs smoothly over time or basically through a series of predetermined unforeseen steps? Some theories argue that children display certain skills as they grow up and change in simple terms it's a matter of quantity. Other theories state series of sequential stages whereby skills are seen at a particular point of development.

A good example is when a person achieves tremendous academic success is it because they are genetically predisposed for their success or is it determined by the environment they grow in? Or rather when we encounter an abusive man to his own family is it because he was born with these abusive tendencies or maybe it is something he learned through observation in his community or his immediate family behavior. We can basically rule out that as much as the environment we are dictates our behavioral characters so is biologically determined characteristics such as genetically inherited disease, skin color, hair color among others.

In regard to the topic above, feminists need to know that they do not need to punish boys and men or attempt to hold the back; instead, they should ask themselves what they really need to achieve in their misdemeanor. It is important for them to put their souls and heart into making it into reality. Nevertheless with less wasted of energy spent dwelling on people, positive focus into achieving their goal would make it easier for the feminists to arrive at them much faster. Exposing the root of a problem is a power structure so powerful that it idealizes stereotypically masculine qualities which in turn demean those deemed feminine. Also revealing the mental status and physical health of these persons is of great important based on their social status in the society. In other words, feminists and others need to know that choosing sides that are of either boy or girl is a great injustice to the society and this individual.

According to research men are four times likely to die in cases of homicide or suicide compared to women. This is evident due to challenges faced through childhood, young adults and finally to fully grown men. It has also been proven that men's life expectancy rate is lower compared to that of women.

Stability is a common trait that lucks in society. It involves the environment or rather surroundings which have a great impact on psychological development. Family stability also plays a major role in character built up of an individual; it literally shapes someone's destiny in one way or another. These are issues ignored by society and have a great role in psychological development.

Argumentatively development of gender behavior is characterized by various aspects of life, especially in young adults. For instance, using feminist ideas to raise boys who aren't misogynists might not be the only alternative. Self-awareness can play a major role since most of the misogynists do not even know their condition because it is an unconscious hatred that men form at a tender age. This is usually as a result of trauma experienced basically from a person of the opposite sex whom they trusted. The abusive and neglecting mother may also result in this kind of condition. Therefore this is one of the points the article could have missed.


Men with this condition are likely to hurt a woman or put her down emotionally and after that achievement, they experience a certain kind of pleasure, a chemical dopamine which makes them have a repetitive desire to continue with the same act over and over again. Other than that the article could have suggested conferences to be held in schools to create awareness of this condition at an early age so as to curb the menace because this condition can also be catastrophic in the manner of domestic violence, bullying and sometimes result to women serial killers.


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