Personal Statement: Applying for Top Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Program

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Date:  2022-10-03

When I was in my tender age, I had a passion for toys. At first, I considered going to school as a mechanism for achieving the end because I struggled to maintain my grades to push my parents to buy the toys and other accessories. However, with time going to school and working hard to maintain the grades were no longer a means to an end since I started to develop a lot of passion and commitment. With that, I started to enjoy the school, teachers, and classes and developed an intense motivation and a desire to excel in education. At the same time, my passion for engineering my own toys developed, which added on to my skills and talent. Undeniably, achieving both was challenging, and is still presenting some hurdles; however, I have always managed to create time for both and excel in my passions. Strikingly, attaining a Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering is my next and unrelenting goal. This is another presented challenge that will allow me to achieve another educational need and passion, a career in Chemical Engineering.

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Markedly, my passion for engineering is innate, and it all started when I realized that I could use chemicals to dispose of my worn out toys. The original interest was rejuvenated and propelled when I step in my university in Bachelor course in the same field. Everything seemed fun and satisfying to work with if not to mention the best skills and knowledge I gained from fellow students and instructors. Apparently, all my life I have had the incessant urge to learn more about chemicals and the related engineering processes. In fact, during my undergraduate work, I noticed my love and passion for order, procedures, and principles of carrying out chemical processes and analyzing the outcomes. The idea is that my best learning strategy is by doing, where I have developed an unrelenting craving for conducting experiments and scientific researches. I have always desired to give evidence-based answers that are supported by concrete actions that require particular protocols and procedures.

From September 200 to July 2014 I studied at Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. Markedly, I gained immense knowledge and understanding of different disciplines such as Analytical Chemistry, Wet Chemistry, Polymer Science, Reactor Design, Process Engineering, Surface Chemistry, Coating, Rheology, GMP, ISO, and PFD/PID Design among others. Undeniably, my competency has remarkably improved since then. Additionally, I acquired various laboratory skills such as SEM, TEM, FTIR, UV, KF, XRD, Mass Spec, EDS, FIB, HPLC, GC, and UPLC among others. Better yet, I have several computing skills, which include but not limited to Microsoft software suit, AutoCAD, Aspen plus, LIMS, Openlab, and Empower. My passion for education can be revealed by the accomplishments and skills gained in addition to garnering a GPA of 3.0 out of 4 Moreover, from August 2014 to May 2016 Masters in Chemical Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA, where I attained an even higher GPA of 3.6 out of 4. Evidently, my passion for skills and education keeps on growing.

Furthermore, from July 2018 to present I have been working as a Research Chemist at Boehringer Ingelheim, New Brunswick, NJ. The experience has exposed me to different skills such as performing Assay/Degradation, Dissolution and KF test for varying APIs and samples following sop. I have also been reporting and recording data into the LIMS system in addition to summarizing and presenting the reports to the senior managers. The skills are supplemented with my routine adherence to GXP regulations and maintaining and documenting notes for presentations and future references. I have also carried out formulation development, help to optimize formula. Perform stability test with compliance of FDA regulations. Other essential skills that I have are method development, method transfer and method validation for the different methods. To add more, I also worked at Mondelez International, East Hanover, NJ from May 2017 to May 2018 and gained exceptional knowledge; especially on data analysis and interpretations using techniques such as Mass Spec, HPLC, GC, and FTIR and food formulation optimization techniques. Besides, I worked at Colgate-Palmolive, Piscataway, NJ from as an Associate Scientist from August 2016 to March 2017, where I learned and experienced oral care formulation and formula optimization and analytical techniques of evaluating coating performance. I also served as a research assistant from February to May 2016 at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, where I used SEM, TEM, EDS and FIB to exam the structure and elements of samples.

Furthermore, from March to June 2015 I conducted a project on Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma modify ABS to make Modified Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer plastic more suitable for carrying oxygen-containing groups. I Used Metal-organic framework (MOF) to form a thin layer coating on original and modified ABS, and used XRD, SEM, FTIR, BET, and Matlab to examine the structure and element of the sample. I realized success in ABS modification and the Porosity improve by 60%. Besides, from August 2013 to February 2014, I conducted a project in 100,000ton/year polystyrene factory set up team design. Markedly, we designed a whole factory as a team, and the outcome of the project passed the Institute of Chemical Engineers (ICHEME) inspections. Additionally, we designed the reactor, distillation column, dissolving tank and other equipment with AutoCAD and Aspen Plus. The team also planned and optimized the plant set up, improve raw material utilization by 3%.


From the personal attributes and the innate passion for chemical engineering, I managed to achieve the various academic and professional experiences. Markedly, I am still very passionate and dedicated to advance my knowledge and skills at the Ph.D. level. It is undeniable that I am destined to make a significant change in the field and leave a legacy. Therefore, consider my application.

Thank you for your consideration.







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