Essay Sample on Criminal Justice Info Literacy: Recognizing, Evaluating, Locating & Managing Sources

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Date:  2023-09-25


Information literacy in criminal justice, in the nonprofessional’s language, refers to the act of being informed on what is happening in the court of law, during the case proceedings. On the other hand, the dictionary has defined information literacy on criminal justice, to be the ability to recognize the information required, evaluating and, locating where the criminal incidence would have occurred, Therefore, regulating or managing, the information sources. This information source should be acceptable, credible, and coming from sources, which are very reliable. Criminal justice scholars need to be very informed on how justice is obtained from the law courts. For example, good scholars of law should attend to the court of law regularly. Regular attendance to the court of law will help in understanding how justice will be rendered to the criminals accordingly.

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The Evaluation of Information on Criminal Justice

For better evaluation of information on criminal justice, we need to identify a case scenario to enable us to come up with a clear mental picture of how justice is administered in a court of law (Zhang et al., 2008). In this case, we will look at the information on the papers made by Mitch Snyder. Between 1943 and 1990, Mitch Snyder, which was a very radical Catholic, fought for the rights of the people who had no homes (Unnever et al., 2020). Additionally, Mitch Snyder was a leader of the community for the group, which was called Community for Creative Nonviolence in Washington, D.C. Additionally, the group started an antiwar group because of the homeless, and this made Mitch to be imprisoned.

The Source of Mitch Snyder Information

The information concerning Mitch Snyder came from the police. They found him hanged in his house. The police claimed that he had hanged himself at the community for creative nonviolent shelter. Additionally, the staff Marsh and another worker of his movement, found his body at the fourth floor, around 2:30 P.M. The police said that he was last seen on Tuesday and his body was found on Wednesday. In addition, a suicide note was written by hand, explaining the reason for his suicide was failing to be loved by Carol Fennelly.

Funding Must Be Involved in the Creation of Information

Funding must not be involved during the investigation of crimes. Because in this era, the state has created and expanded mechanisms to fund and to sustain criminal investigations (Zhang et al., 2008). Additionally, technological devices are used to derive information to record crime scenes. They are hence reducing the cost of information collection.


Television, magazines, and brochures are information sources, which give details concerning what is happening. On the other hand, my opinion is that I do not trust information from this entire source because the information accuracy is dependent on the person who makes this recorded the scene at the ground level (Unnever et al., 2020). Hence, especially in criminal cases, the police should conduct thorough research before relying on data provided by the information sources.


Unnever, J. D., Cochran, J. K., Cullen, F. T., & Applegate, B. K. (2010). The pragmatic American: Attributions of crime and the hydraulic relation hypothesis. Justice Quarterly, 27(3), 431-457.

Zhang, L., Messner, S. F., & Liu, J. (2008). A critical review of recent literature on crime and criminal justice in China: research findings, challenges, and prospects (Introduction). Crime, law, and social change, 50(3), 125-130.

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