Personal Essay on Education Goals

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Date:  2021-06-23

Part One: Mission Statement

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My mission in relation to my academic journey at Southern New Hampshire University is to attain a degree in Sociology successfully. I will utilize the knowledge I would have gained in sociology study to carry out my professional duties under my career field International aid/ development work. I wish to assist in making the world a better place by helping in creating a better future for people whose rights have been violated, individuals whose livelihood have been affected by a calamity and those living in areas that lack basic amenities such as proper health care centers, suitable housing structures, and educational institutions.

Part Two: Academic Goals

Academic goals are paramount since they would ensure that I accomplish the academic mission I have set. Some of the academic goals I have set are such as, one, to always ensure that I understood what was taught in the different lessons I will attend. I intend to ensure this by asking the lectures and my fellow students' questions where I don't understand and attend all the lessons. In a case where I may not be able to attend a particular lecture, I would ask my fellow students or the lecturer to inform me what they learned kindly at their own free time.

Two, I will ensure I get at least a grade B in all units we would have covered. I will make sure that I attain this goal by always giving my maximum attention on the assignments given to us. By taking at least two hours every day to revise on what we may have been taught. I would ensure this by also engaging in different group discussions with my fellow students at least twice a week and regularly attempting to do the questions from past examination papers. Three, I also intend to accomplish my academic goal by joining the school's football team. I believe by joining the team the exercise program and the matches I will participate in will help me release the academic stress that I may be holding and also ensure that my body and mind is healthy. Thus I will be able to concentrate on my academic work.

Part Three: Respond to classmates mission statement

The first classmate

The mission statement presented by my classmate shows an indication of interest in the financial fraud as a career. The classmate should however also indicate what it is that attracted him/her to the career and the efforts the student would put to ensure the actualization of the set goals. I also advise my classmate to always focus on his/her studies thus ensuring that he/she successfully graduates with a bachelor's degree in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination.

The second classmate

My classmate is interested in becoming a successful poet and fiction novelist, thus entertains the community with the learned ideas. My classmate has highlighted on some of the goals that he/she will use to ensure that he/she will graduate and be a successful poet and fiction novelist. However, my classmate should also highlight on how he/she is going to ensure that he/she actualize the set goals. My classmate should also set evaluation procedures that would enable him/her measure the progress him/her may have made.

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