Essay on Inclusive Education: Achieving Social & Academic Success for Children With Disabilities

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Over 40 years, the examination regarding the guidance of the children with a disability has overwhelmingly settled through the preparation of a typical social and education result for all the children. Furthermore, research has indicated that social and insightful results for children in thorough settings are, irrespective of that is improved than in disconnected conditions. Children with particular needs have been hidden and separated for years by their parents or guidance that they do out belong to the society they are not allowed to mingle with other healthy kids. It is a situation that has left special needs kids to have low self-esteem, which has reduced their morale of socializing with people. It is a situation that many theorists believe that needs to be changed since all kinds are equal an should be treated the same

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Inclusion of Schools for Children with Disabilities

Inclusion in schooling is an aspect were special needs kids are included or joined together with healthy children in the classroom to learn together and interact with each other. It is an aspect that has gained more advantages than separation when it comes to employed with children whose manner is not the custom. Globally, kids with special needs are unceasingly separated from the nondisabled kid. Also, incorporation has been included in various instruction arrangements, nationwide laws, and global presentations. Most people believe that it is vital to give all children a chance to succeed in education and that people should embrace inclusion and diversity in early childhood classroom education. Others see the inclusion of children with special needs should not be implemented since the kids are slow and will not be able to cope with children with non-special needs. Hence, the inclusion of kids with disabilities in the classroom with healthy kids has stirred up debate over the years. The paper will, therefore, advocate as to why the inclusion of kids with special needs in classrooms with children with no limitations should be implemented.

No single person would like to be excepted by any group. One can think back from their practices from adolescence or childhood. For example, being excluded from a social group that you want to join or you admire so much can make you feel bad and lest out. Hence whether you are disabled or not will contact well when they are excluded. It is because when a person is excluded from a social group, the act can bring about sadness, humiliation, loneliness, confusion, feeling of isolation, doubt, and anxiety, together with many other painful emotions (Thomas, 2012). Kids with disabilities have been excluded over the years from being part of the regular education programs. According to research, kids with disabilities are seen as being among the relegated population. That adolescent and children with disability should be given the right to be part of the systematic and continuous classroom curricula, to be offered effective support measures and to have reasonable accommodation prepared for them. Also, including kids with debilities in the regular classroom is vital not because of United Nations has said so nor ethically right for people to do so but because there are essential motives as to why interpreting disabled children into the regular classroom improves learning results for all the kids.

Inclusionary programs it has brought about raising grounds for proliferation, misinterpretation, and dedication of dreams (Thomas, 2012). For example, in a school that was racially coordinated and brought about to change the feeling of the system, children, and staff, causing the student and her instructor to be segregated. In a school that had an inclusionary program, tended to separate the two dues to disability. It is an act that was not right and should be looked upon at stopped. Therefore, I believe that there should be an inclusion of children with disabilities in regular programs due to the following reasons.

First is that the students with disabilities add diversity to the schoolroom. The difference is an aspect that enriches our lives. It is because it provides adds new possibilities and ideas with the school making the institutions enjoyable. Furthermore, it could have been annoying if all the kids in schools acted and looked the same (Robert & Jacobsen, 2011). Secondly is because students who are disabled bring new and enrich strengthens within the classroom. Most of the schools usually focus on what the kids who are disabled lack rather than focusing that they can bring on board and do well. Many types of research have proven that kids with special needs have higher intellectual abilities that will be vital in the classrooms (Sivan et al. 2018). For example, it has been proven that children with disabilities have unique strengths and partial ability such as kids with an autism spectrum disorder, and the students with Dawn syndrome who have human warmth and personal charm.

Thirdly is that disabled children assist in promoting a climate of self-giving within the school. For example, the anthropologist named Roy Richards's daughter, who suffered from autistics, was enrolled in the regular classroom with other kids. The teacher indicated, "it is not just because that Isabel introduced diversity into the classroom. Isabel made the other children less selfish." It is because when Isabela did not come to school, the other children become more irritable and competitive. Still, when they returned to school, the kids have a more giving attitude towards one another. It is an indication that students with disabilities can soften any of the informative environments by portraying a message that we need to assist one another in life to succeed.

Fourthly is that a kid with disabilities will do much better in an environment where more is needed and expected from them. For an instant, the research of "Pygmalion in the classroom" indicates that achievements will rise when the teacher expected a little more of the student. Hence when the kids with disabilities are excluded from the consistent classroom, there is a rise of self-condemnation, ridicule, and stigmatization ad the educators tend to treat the kids as being less associated with the healthy kids. When the kids are placed in a comprehensive classroom, the disabled kids have the chance to experience how it feels like to be treated as regular, which will inspire them to perform better and raise their expectations is usually because the kids with special needs are being inspired by positive academic performance portrayed by their peers in the regular classroom.

Fifthly is that students with disabilities challenge schools and teachers to provide better methods of educating all the kids. Schools need to establish an educational environment that gives a diversity of methods in which the content of learning is assessed, signified, and involved with, which benefits all learners. Lastly is that kids with special needs tend to develop their brains stronger when there are in a more productive learning environment such as regular classrooms because all kids are very sensitive in there development stage with regards to the openness of the neutral imprinting from the external stimuli of their brains (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, et al. 2012).

Opponents to my arguments that inclusion of kids with disabilities in classrooms with kids with no limitation should be implemented disagree, and argue that aspect is very wrong. Some of the opponents indicate that the increased amount of time the kids with disabilities spend in a regular schoolroom will detriment the future of education. Secondly is that some of the educators believe that a safer classroom environment that has fewer distractions will serve the students with special needs better than a regular classroom (Loeb et al. 2017). Thirdly is that the kids with a disability will spend most of their time aware of their nondisabled peers who will affect their healing and coping status. Fourthly is that students with special needs will not get anything out of general education, such a language classes or history, which will be a waste of time and resources. They need to be placed in an institution where it is taught only special needs education that they can better understand.

Fifthly is that the general education educators from the regular classrooms did not go to school to work with the kids with special needs; hence it will be hard to combine sills to teach both the children with disabilities and those without. Therefore, there should be schools for a kid with a particular need that is separate from the schools with kids who are not disabled (Frederickson et al. 2013). Other educators believe that disabled kids do not have the required resources to cater to their needs in a regular classroom. Therefore, the need to be placed in a self-contained classroom that is designed to meet their basic needs. For instant, kids with special needs require new technologies to assist them in learning, which can only be placed in those special rooms. Also, putting kids with disabilities in a regular classroom frustrates the pupils with exceptionalities. For example, some of the students might not ask any questions because they fear other students will judge them within the school. Also, other educators believe that destructive behaviors performed by the students with special needs could destroy students with the school, which will interfere with the learning process. For example, a student who has autism may start to hit his or her head on the desk loudly during class sessions. It is a noise that would cause all the other kids to stop concentrating on learning and focus on disabled kids. It will also cause a distraction to the teacher since the tutor will have to stop the learning process to cater to the child, which will generally affect the classroom learning process.

Despite the advocates presented by the opponent, I still stand that children with disabilities should be allowed to learn in a regular classroom. It is because they did not choose to be born that way to be excluded. They should be given equal rights as other students and allowed to showcase their potential and also socialize with other students with no disabilities. The inclusion teaching practices are only possible if the educator in all schools is willing and able to put effort and time in developing optimal classroom settings. In doing so, the educators need to find out the abilities, talents, and strengths of the disabled students that will be included in mainstream environments.

Also, the educator needs to go to exertion, creating education approaches that will support the pupil with a disability to succeed socially, behaviorally, and academically (E. C.-D, 2014). Also, there should be the implementation of new technologies that will help pupils with disabilities to flourish in a regular schoolroom. For example, a student with a communication problem can use alternative communication devices like Proloquo2GO. Finally, for the accomplishment of the inclusion program, it needs the involvement of the communal environment within the classroom. For example, the educators need to learn how they can draw the sociogram for every child that will indicate antagonistic relationships, supportive connection, and positive friendship.


In conclusion, inclusion proposes that their homegrown schools in age-reasonable should welcome all kids. General classes are meant to participate, contribute, and learn in all fragments of the school life. Inclusion is all about how people plan and make activities, tasks, schools, and study halls with the impartial that all substitutes learn (Cleaver et...

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