Paper Example on Effects of Binge Drinking on the Academic Performance Of Students

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Date:  2022-05-16


This study was carried out to prove the hypothesis that alcohol intake among students influenced their grade point and class attendance record. One thousand and sixty-four students participated in this research. When compiling this report. 24.1% of the sample size was male and 69.9% of the sample female. 18-19-year-olds made 33.1% of the sample, 3.6% being 20-21-year-olds, 12.8% being 22-23-year-olds, and the remaining 10.5% being 24 years old and older. People of black/ non-Hispanic descents were 0.8% each in the sample. The majority of the interviewees were Caucasians (94%) followed by other races (8%), blacks (3%) and Hispanics (0.8%). The majority of the interviewees were from a rural setting (47.4%). Suburban dwellers made up 43.6% of the respondents and the remaining 9% was made up of people originating from urban settings. Sophomore, junior, and freshman years were the majority of respondents (25.6%, 33.8%, and 21.8% respectively). Senior year completed 18.8%. Those who scored a GPA of between 2.1 -2.5 made 4.5% of the respondents. Majority of the respondents scored a GPA of 3.0-3.5 (44%) and 3.6-3.9 boasting 33.8% of the respondents. 12% of the respondents scored a GPA of 2.6 to 2.9 while only 5.3% of the interviewees scored 4.0 or above GPA.

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Based on GPA performance, 20% male and 30.8% females were of the opinion partying affects academic performance while 27.5% were neutral on that front. Although skewed by the number of females in the survey, more females registered higher GPA scores than their male counterparts.

Students who partook binge drinking missed more classes than those who did not. However, a majority of the students denied that binge drinking gave them academic stress (81.3%). The majority agreed that drinking had an influence on their class attendance while49% of the respondents agreed that binge drinking interfered with their studies.

27.3% of the students admitted they engaged in binge drinking while 29% said they do not binge drink. 28.3% of the students were neutral on this matter. More binge drinkers score 2.5 or below GPA than those who do not engage in binge drinking. Overall, students who took alcohol registered lower GPA scores than those who do not take alcohol.

The number of hours a student used drinking showed substantial effects on their academic performance. Students who spent 1-3 hours drinking scored higher GPA on average than those who did not drink at all and those who drank for more than four hours. In the same vein, students who consumed 1-4 drinks scored higher GPA on average than those who do not drink and those who take five and more drinks. Only three students who admitted drinking in the morning scored a GPA of 3.6 or above.

Students who feel they can stop drinking score higher GPA average than those who feel they cannot stop drinking. On average, more students who drank for leisure (to get drunk) scored 2.6 and above GPA than those who did not drink to get drunk. Students who drank before noon showed lower GPA scores than students who do not drink before noon. Students who only take alcohol on special occasions scored the highest GPA, followed by students who drink once a week. Only two Respondents who admitted drinking three or more times in a week scored 3.6 or above GPA.

11.4% males admitted they had failed an assignment because they had been drinking while none of the females had failed any assignments because of drinking. 1.4% of the females admitted failing an exam due to drinking, compared to 5.7% males who had failed an exam due to drinking. The stats above show that males were more likely to have their academic performance negatively influenced by drinking than female.

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