Essay on Childhood Trauma and Child Welfare

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Date:  2022-03-15


Child trauma cases are increasingly rising in various nations and states worldwide. One of the possible reasons for this is the ignorance that has been seen with the researchers before. The national institute of mental health in the USA defines child trauma as an unlawful character to a child which is emotionally painful, stressful, or harmful and is in a position to interfere with the general body functioning of the child resulting in either physical or mental effects at the long run.

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The actions are usually done intentionally or unintentionally, but in either case, when it is intentional, then proper policies should be stated to help in ensuring that individuals are taken through a logical law process. To the unintentional doers, a law that clearly states the boundaries between the rights and responsibilities of the adults and children in a constitution like a docket, to help in disseminating the knowledge of knowhow to everyone, with one primary aim of creating awareness. The general process that involves the fight against child trauma cases is generally referred to as child welfare.

Cases of Essential Child Trauma Cases

Child trauma, sometimes regarded as child abuse, can lead to severer changes in the lives of children. The changes may include behavioral, mental health disorders, and physical-related health complications (Fuller-Thomson et al., 2019). Previous studies and analysis done for both men and women by the Brief Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS), stated that about 78.3% of the total populations sampled were aware of the child trauma cases and had at least in one or two occasions, witnessed it physically. The final analysis of the year 2002 by BRFSS, showed that Domestic violence was the dominant form of violence at a percentage of between (34%-38%). Children are therefore at their highest risk of being traumatized whenever they are with their parents back at home, rather than what other people perceive to be accurate, that children are safer at the hands of their parents (Fuller-Thomson et al., 2019). For this reason, world health organizations have taken appropriate strategies to help in outreaching the efforts of children who are at higher risks, thus minimizing the false negatives.

Kotze and Brits, also do child traumatic research in the year 2019, as this time around, the two authors specify that the dominant child abuse issue worldwide is nothing else but child sexual abuse (CSA). Kotze and Brits continue by stating the primary confronting debate as to whether the medical assessment should confirm or reject the CSA from being one of their medication areas to children (as a law) (Kotze & Brits, 2019). Their main aim is to establish the considerations or parameters that medical practitioners, nurses, health professionals, lawyers, among other leading bodies in the case should consider before making their final decision. The laid case gives 100% evidence that the issue of CSA is a critical one that needs immediate attention, not only by the medical experts by also by everyone else in society (Kotze & Brits, 2019).

How do These Issues Influence the Entire Society?

Domestic violence and child sexual abuse are national and international issues in regard to child trauma cases. As earlier stated, ignorance and the nonexistence of available laws to protect children before such occurrences is the major cause of the so-called child trauma. Their impacts are quite outstanding and have the potential to ruin a children's life, thus barring them from getting access to some opportunities in the future, and also securing employment chances in the future. It might seem simple, but the effects have a direct impact on the economies of countries and nations. For instance, unemployment may impact the economy, as there will be no nation builders to help in achieving various visions. For this reason, the issue is considered a national concern.

Corrective and Prevention Measures for the Abusive Cases

The most appropriate measure that can be used to prevent the evidence of abuse is creating awareness to people by enhancing knowledge both at self-level and for other people out in society. Since child trauma is a global issue, so equally, child welfare must also remain a global concern or question. There is a notion that "prevention is better than cure," this is very true and important for any nation who wishes to avoid incurring additional costs of their GDP on offering treatment or care services for children who have been abused.

Creating good international relationships with the world's major organs like the world health organization, Red Cross and other organizations is very essential as first, they have the potential to mobilize many countries in a shorter period of time, and secondly, they have their welfare organizations that operate funds for dealing with human rights and children rights as well to be more specific. Having gotten the chance, it is possible to convince the heads and make them understand the importance of providing people across the world with general knowledge concerning child abuse. Among the important points to let them know to include the causes and prevention measures. This will make it easy to get financial support and mobilize countries easily using the agents of every country in those unions.


In conclusion, child abuse cases are growing in number, and if the concerns can fail to be addressed as soon as it may be possible, then seeing countries boasting of their vision 2030, 20150, 20180 dreams may be deemed as impossibilities and if not, then they should be as ironical because, children are the future, and the visions lie on the children performance when they grow up.


Fuller-Thomson, E., Sawyer, J. L., & Agbeyaka, S. (2019). The Toxic Triad: Childhood Exposure to Domestic Parental Violence, Parental Addictions, and Parental Mental Illness as Factors Associated With Childhood Physical Abuse. Journal of interpersonal violence, 0886260519853407.

Kotze, J. M., & Brits, H. (2019). Child sexual abuse: The significance of the history and testifying on non-confirmatory findings. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine, 11(1), 7.

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