Essay Sample on Tech Upgrades for Champaign Community Unit School: Steps to Success

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Date:  2023-02-11

Technology has become an important aspect not only for purposes of industrial work but also in other fields like schools. Champaign Community Unit School serves students close to 10,000 and more than 1400 teachers inclusive of other members of staff; there is a need to upgrade the working conditions. For the school to reach the intended objective, there have to be steps that have been indicated to accomplish. The primary focus of development is on the technology and infrastructure of the schools. This paper seeks to review the project report of Champaign School to assess why the report was written and the contributing factors to the introduction.

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The review outlines a summary and recommendations of the report. It helps a person that was not aware of what the document intends to cover. The vision is clearly stated, and with the help of the district providing the stated necessities, the project will be successful. The vision has not been formalized despite the conversations preparing the people for the expected outcome after the project. Regarding the already existing policies, the school is required to make some changes and create the necessary conditions that will help accommodate the intended replacement for the future. Creation of technology in the school requires advanced technology and the standards required. However, the technology should be for the benefit of all, including those that do not meet the standards, there should be other means to make things easier.

The buildings have to be made to confer with the new technology system like installation of necessary wiring to support network coverage. The equipment in the building also has to be upgraded. With the upgrades, the school has ensured that they can install and maintain, for example, the use of the internet and other related requirements. The part that they left out was to have adequate personnel conversant with new technology matters to help maintain the status of the equipment. The staff will ensure that in case there is a hitch, there will be people to handle and help rectify the problems.

Equipping the students with working emails will make learning easier for them. The email may help them acquire library sources such that they do not have to crowd in the library looking for books. Further, a book may not be available in the library; therefore, through the emails, they can access such books. The students will not have inadequate reading materials for learning materials will be available, and other revision materials. The curriculum will also be uploaded to cloud services, which also make it easier to have online classes. The school has to help the staff and students acquire literacy on digital information which will help them to adapt fast and easily to the new model.

The school has planned adequately because they have stipulated about a budget inclusive of all the expenses. The budget plays a crucial role because the school will know what is explicitly required and the worth. It helps to have a rough estimate of the price and other expenses incurred to complete the entire project. The budget should be made, including the maintenance fees so that in case there are any repairs within the stipulated time, the funds that will be allocated will suffice. Usually, a budget is not made for short-term but for the long term. Since the project is new, there should be sometime assigned to test how the new plan works so that a clear budget can be drafted for the long-term. The report needs to have included the clause to enhance clarity and precision in the allocation of funds towards the project. The source of funds has been described; however, since the project requires a complete transformation, it may not be enough to complete the project with the sources. The school may consider, talking to the parents regarding the determination of money to add to the fee to cater for upgrading the school.

Additionally, each of the sections from the vision to the recommendations entails the risks and recommendations. The risks explain the challenges that they may face during the upgrade. Proposals before help to give opinions about other views the management thinks will be necessary. The suggestions help to make the current position better than it is when the project begins. After the project starts, with the gaps that they identify from the policy, then they will manage to make the project better and reliable with time.

The infrastructure recommendations and plan use a plan of years not specified at least with a rough estimate which should have been indicated. The training for students is very much in line since there will be a full change of structure. Where there are older items that may still be applicable for implementation of the upgrades it will help to transition faster. The plan will also help in saving some funds required for other areas other than concentrating in one area, yet there could be other items used and fit for a similar purpose. The software versions should be made to match the latest version to minimize the cost of upgrades for the future. It is essential to establish long-term goals that help cater for future project funds that may have been used for the implementation of other upgrades.

The fact that the required support team members have been allocated specifically will help in planning like the salaries and other allowances to be given to the support team. Including a specific desk other than having random technicians to assist either the staff or students handle any issue that they may have with the technology. There will be technicians subdivided for each section which is also very efficient for the technology services in the school. The students will be well catered for in all levels, including the educational level. The education level has the most coaches that will help the students familiarize with technology upgrades and learn how to use the technology-enhanced facilities at school.

The co-ordination of the director holds a meeting with the technicians to find out how the implementation is proceeding. Another plus to strengthen the technician support, there will be a club that will be a medium of communication of any changes and to help the students to understand better the concepts. The challenges of congestion and interruptions were identified, together with a lot of time spent on research. The club would be used as a source of help especially even in research and creation of awareness. However, the lack of money issue for back-up to refresh had not been included as would have been expected. The problem with the storage of excess equipment also was not addressed in the infrastructure while it ought to have been counted as part of the requirements.

The support though it would be helpful to help them complete their tasks by ensuring that the targeted implementation had been fulfilled. The recommendations would significantly boost the support to address the issues that the users had in understanding the new gadgets. Surprisingly, despite having a budget that was to cater for the entire upgrade, there was still work to be done. Several essential items had not been installed the support yet required them. Implementation of an upgrade although it is not something that can be achieved within a fortnight, the budgets should have catered for all the expenses and installation of the relevant materials especially at the beginning of the upgrade.

The support team made recommendations about keeping records of all the scripts and systems in the school to avoid cases of materials that may not be in existence. The plan had incorporated most of the required items though some still have not been purchased for the completion of the project. During such an upgrade, the best plan would be, to begin with the most vital equipment then move on to the next required necessaries to the completion. The current situation has gaps that had not been anticipated but ought to have been considered.


Technology Needs Assessment Report: Champaign Community School (2015). Retrieved from

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