Personal Essay Example: Beam Sir - My Chemistry Teacher

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Date:  2021-04-15

Before Spring Break, I attended my high school reunion. Although I had not gone back to my high school for 2 years, my life in high school was very memorable an inspiring. One thing that I still remember is the beautiful scene of school which is stored in my mind as a fairly clear picture of a wooden door, a bay window, and a desk. My school had already undergone various changes, and it was different from the campus setting which is surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees. A tile-roofed classroom in my high school had been replaced by a tall bright lecture hall, the wide playground was still covered by green lawn. In the center of the compound, there was an old road and the pond where used to wash the lunch box was still there, this is in addition to the dilapidated and mottled brick tower was also still intact. I walked along hallway and knocked the fame of the window, which reminded me of my high school life, my friends, and most importantly, my teachers. I stayed there for quite some time then sat on a chair by the window where I used to sit most of the days of my high school, I was enjoying the beautiful scenery. At the same time, I begun to daydream about my future as I looked outside through the window. Suddenly, a familiar voice came to my ear, it was my teacher shouting my nickname, I then immediately turned my head with huge surprise.

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I was still immersed in a situation of nostalgia and a state of denial for being away from him. Beam Sir was my chemistry teacher when I was in my junior year in high school. I still remember the day in in the first chemistry class when he came into the classroom carrying a chalk in the right hand and few textbooks in the left hand, he then stood in front of the classroom. To be honest, I could not help smiling when I saw him the first time; he was a bit big, had a pair of tiny bloodshot eyes as if he used to stay up late at night. Everything on his body seemed to be chubby; his fingers resembled roast sausages which were still reeky and he always talked about "1mol1mol" joke in the lecture and made every student in the classroom laugh.

November 17, 2015 was the day when we set up our class in readiness of Beam Sir; it was on this day that Beam Sir played a very important role in my life. On this day, it was a torrid summer and we tricked Beam Sir to get hold of his ID card so as to find his birthday. On Beam Sirs 30th birthday, we wrote our blessings and well wishes messages on the blackboard, and lighted three heart-shaped red candles on the table. When he walked into the classroom, he was surprised at the wonder and warm of our plan on his birthday and those candle lit birthday surprise. I had never seen such an entirely big mouth turning upward, giving way for his white teeth for the surprise we made him. Then, he took a picture of the amazing things we wrote on the blackboard, then of the three cartoon candles that we stood in a circle just like three naughty children and stood around him to share the birthday with him. It was that day that we established a closer and more intimate relationship with him, we knew that we were the source of happiness in his life, Beam Sir always said that the main focus he had in his life was for us, his students, to be happy.

Unconsciously, when we were calling out his name Beam Sir, we used to call him, "our Beam Sir. We were so proud of our class because there was a man named Beam. He was, at times, arrogant although hubris on teachers seemed to be very rare; his arrogance came from his talent and intelligence. His astonishing speed with solving computational problems stunned us. He also put up the banner reading Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance in the back of the classroom and expected us to try our best to succeed in everything that we did.

Beam Sir was also serious and dedicated; although he taught four different classes, he always looked chuffed and enjoying his profession, and sometimes he would talk constantly for a whole day until he lost his voice for the sake of teaching students disseminating knowledge to enable us excel in the various contests we had. He was also very harsh at times there were situations when, as he was taking up the class normally and we interjected between his words, he would stop talking suddenly. In these situations, the pair of his tiny bloodshot eyes would widen instantly as if a volcano was going to erupt immediately. I once remember seeing him break a piece of chalk and throw it on a classmate's head because the student was daydreaming. At that time, we were all startled and eventually the whole class became silent, I could even hear my heart beats at that time.

One day, he asked us to conduct an experiment in class, and made it clear that, "You must take it seriously." Once he finished talking and giving instructions, the students began to work. In the process, Beam Sir walked towards a student, and picked up his lab book and carefully looked into the assignment the student was doing, he suddenly frowned, snapped the page on which that student was writing and tore it in half. He then shouted with anger, "This is just trash, rewrite the lab!" He then slumped the lab book right on his table. We were all shocked.

Don't aim for success, if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and triumph will come naturally. he told us. In the most difficult times of my studies, it was because of his sternness which enabled me to refrain from all distractions and focus on my studies. In my final year, would struggle with complex mathematical problems even for a whole day. When I though about giving up, I would seek the advice of Beam Sir because he would help me figure out solutions to any problem. In this relation, Beam Sir would encourage me many times, and would use one of his famous phrases, Our weakness and indulgence make us deviate from our destination which we ought to achieve. The phrase became my motto since then. In the beginning, I used to struggle with chemistry and saw it to be boring, I however, gained a positive mindset and was amazed to see my grades improve faster.

The main reason was that made me passionate about attending chemistry classes was the humorous atmosphere which Beam Sir created. He would often advise us, You are already in junior year in high school, I totally understand that cutting off internet addiction was a long and a painful process for you. You had better strengthen your ability to withstand such pain, which contributes to a strong sense of self-worth. I stored every single word he said to me in my brain.

When I faced challenges in handling difficult problems and succeeded in my attempts, Beam Sir would be even more delighted than me. Try to do everything dependably rather than impetuously. On the way of growth, the footprints you leave are truly wonderful. Although he always had that serious look on his face, he did have a caring heart. On my seventeenth birthday, he sent a large packet of jelly and wrote a postcard for them. He was sometimes like a child and was proud to announce: I had quit smoking for a month, and then waited for us, his students, to clap for him, I always believed that there was another man who lived in his spiritual world all at once because of his multicharacter; serious, humorous, caring and childish. I felt his character to be interesting and relaxing in the boring and tense study life.

I was always a coward, timid, and a diffident person in my adolescence. He always tried every means to encourage me so that I could gain self-confidence, and it made me to develop positivity in a gradual manner to become a positive person; all this originated from our Beam Sir; his severe criticism, his encouragement, his persistence and his love to me.

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