Personal Educational Narrative

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Date:  2022-06-13


We all have moments in our educational lives when we come across challenges and obstacles in our educational experiences. However, we also have good moments were we embrace success. Motivation is needed by every individual to build confidence and strength to push on. Nevertheless, sometimes we come across individuals who are either ignorant or unconscious of the harm they cause by criticizing one's failures. This might affect an individual's entire life, which in most cases is harmful. Having grown up in Hispania, El Paso, I have learned to take situations as they are. I have been through moments in my life were I felt distressed oppressed by the people in my surroundings. There was one time when my step-dad embarrassed me in the presence of friends who laughed at me, and to this day, they make fun of me regarding that moment. Another time at school is when I raised my and to answer the teacher's question, only to become a laughing stalk for answering the question wrongly. At school, I got a scholarship to further my education which gave me great motivation towards attaining my goals in life. I also received a prize in my third year in college for exemplary performance at one point. At a particular time when I had taken a part-time job at a factory, the manager altered demotivating words which made me quit.

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At the age of seven, I was out playing with friends when my dad came to us and gave me a thorough beating for playing at a time when there was wok to do in the house, after which he referred to me as big headed. The friends I was playing with laughed at me which made me embarrassed in their presence. Disciplining a child in a better way, and avoiding embarrassing children in the presence of friends would lower the chances of the individual getting demotivated. After that incidence, I felt that my dad had an attitude towards me, something I had to cope with for the rest of my stay in the homestead. The friends always referred to me as big-headed until they were mature enough to understand how I felt about it. In high school, I also experienced an embarrassment when the teacher asked a question which I thought I could answer. Being one of the silent students, no one expected me to explain. With a trembling voice, I was able to answer, which the teacher found vague. The whole class laughed, disregarding my effort to answer the question. This incidence led me to lose self-confidence, to an extent where I could not stand in front of a crowd all through my high school life. Such occurrences happen to most students in high school, not just me, and it might affect them for the rest of their lives. (Santillana & Bobadilla, 2015).

Ever joining college never seemed possible due to financial strains that my family and I were going through. I also had other siblings who were in high school, whose fees had to be paid. After high school education, I was among the best students, therefore, getting a scholarship to further my studies. This motivated me since I felt I was worthwhile after all. I started gaining confidence again, which helped me attain much more in life. Motivation is an essential aspect of success. It's the stepping stone to many students for pushing on and working hard at school. (Santillana, & Bobadilla,2015).Were it not for this motivation. I would not have gained my confidence back.

Another experience was in college where I got a prize and was congratulated by the Chancellor. Winning the scholarship made me realize that there are no heights I couldn't reach. I thus worked hard after which I won a prize for being the best student in my course. I could now talk in the presence of a crowd confidently. Most people need the motivation to succeed. While in college, I was among a group of students who played a part in a community program which would help improve our environment where we would clean the environment. After working for some time, I remember arriving at a clean-up late due to inconveniences of the traffic and finding the manager very angry. He told me that I would never make it in life, words that echo in my mind up-to-date.


During my life in educational phases, I have witnessed all sorts of discrimination brought about by differences in ethnic groups, races, gender, and class. Coming from a humble background, we faced challenges studying with people of different levels who felt more powerful. However, the success that we achieve motivates us to move on as they portray a better future. Most students get the feeling of low self-esteem brought about by neglect and isolation by fellow students, parents and even the school management. Nevertheless, students need motivation and encouragement to achieve the aimed objectives, and gained confidence to run their day-to-day activities.


Santillana, B. E. C., & Bobadilla, M. D. R. A. (2015). Respect For Diversity To Prevent Discrimination In The Schools. Ra Ximhai, 11(1), 169-186.

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