Patient Care Assistant Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

After coming across the job vacancy at St John of God Health Care Facility, I humbly tender my application for the position of patient care assistant. Indeed, the essential elements of promoting ideal work ethics, performance, and quality output are by understanding, appreciating, and acknowledging the importance of a firm's/institute's mission statement and values. I am willing to enhance the organization's mission through promoting acute societal well-being by fully participating in physical, mental, social, and spiritual intervention approaches the enhance human life. Moreover, my greatest attributes concur with the values of the ministry, for example, I am a hospitable, compassionate, just, respectful, and believe in academic and practical excellence in performing my duties to the community.

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Yes, I believe that I am the best candidate to fill the position since I am well educated for example Certificate III in Business, C-class license and Diploma of Nursing. Nonetheless, I am well experienced in handling the obligations of the position, especially when it relates to my skills such as ETSS, UE, and Finance One System. First, from May 2017 to date I have worked under St John of God Hospital Midland where I occupied the opportunity of housekeeping assistant. Additionally, I got the opportunity to work with KIFSA (Kimberly Individual and Family Support Associate) from July to September 2016. During my experience at KIFSA, I worked with patients diagnosed with the disability.

Next, my most valuable experience that denotes my qualities as a patient care assistant was my opportunity of becoming the caregiver and admin with the Southern Cross Care (Broome and Forrest Field Perth. The three years in service of the company, I got to learn and experience the ideal response of a caregiver. Indeed, it gave me the courage to embrace my weakness and focus on my values in working towards becoming an acute caregiver. My experience at Southern Cross Care I got the opportunity to polish my communication and interpersonal skills in different ways. First, I embraced dignity and respect in both listening and communicating norms. Next, I used formal language to address all official activities within the ministry. Moreover, I focused on suppressing my fears towards public speaking.

Also, I believe to be the right candidate for the opportunity not only because of my improved interpersonal and communication skills but due to my norms of handling my duties. About the position of patient care assistant responsibilities, specifically, 'liaise with the registered nurse/midwife/enrolled nurses at all times and observe and report all matters relevant to the well-being of the patient,' I am 100 percent that my supervision and work plan is acute and correspond to the duty. In simple terms, all my academic and practical experiences have been handled with minimal supervision since I am responsible and abide by my work schedule and plan. Besides, my work is initiated and planned in a manner establishing the most critical orders and jobs to be first performed. Moreover, in case of emergencies, I always involve my colleagues in deducing an appropriate approach of solving the issue.

Ideally, I believe on the command of hierarchy and following the organization policies. It is my greatest strength that makes me think that I will best suit the position because I will be under the supervision of more experienced professionals. Indeed, my profession is one that is evolving, and by the guide of professionals such as registered nurses/midwives, I believe that I will obtain my short-term and long-term goals. My goals revolve becoming among the best caregiver leaders in the world, and achieving it; I have to embrace patience, the ability to learn and when corrected, and get involved in various patient care assistance responsibilities. Nonetheless, I am a team player who believes in the different unique qualities of each professional and profession, and by being close and working with them, I think that I will attain my goals and also ensure the ministry's output is acute and as per clients' satisfaction and expectations.

Moreover, my attributes enhance my ability to ensure an accommodating environment since I provide there an adequate means of communicating with all the stakeholders of the institute, for example, clients and the personnel. Back to back, my experience working at Kimberley Training Institute as a Relief Finance Officer helped me understand the ideal meaning of confidentiality. It is the same experience and expertise that I will employ when provided the opportunity since I know the vitality of disclosing one's medical files without permission. Also, I am apparent with basic cleanliness and hygiene norms. These norms were part of my responsibilities while working as a housekeeping assistant, for example, I have the obligations of cleaning, sanitizing, and supplying designated ministry/institution areas. Furthermore, I rely on the Occupation Safety and Health Administration recommendations to guide me when handling issues associated with hygiene.


Finally, I am capable of ensuring that the obligation designated for the patient cares assistant will be performed with professionalism if given the opportunity. Since I understand and commit to quality improvement and infection control standards, both my academic and practical experiences will help me adhere to the ministry's policies and values. I am ready to establish norms that will provide acute teamwork and advanced communication skills between the stakeholders. Thank you and hope to receive a response from you.

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