Partnership Grand Proposal Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-08

The first question is whether Lakeview University has a capable leadership which can manage funds. Besides, should the university project be funded and the answer is yes, the university under the leadership of the chancellor and the vice provost has been able to complete several projects including development of significant classroom structures together with the latest referral hospital project which has just been completed due for opening (Zawislak et al., 2012). The chancellor, vice provost and the board of trustees are professors in different fields, and all of them have been assigned a responsibility based on their area of specialization.

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The other question is about or financial muscle. The school has never been declared bankrupt before though at times the leadership has been forced to decide the amount of loan to borrow or completion of different projects since the finances from those allocated from the school fees. Our institution has been working to balance development expenditure together with recurrent spending so that the school can sustain its operations and develop important projects at the same time (Zawislak et al., 2012). The question of whether the school has got the right people to start, monitor and evaluate the project throughout all its stages has got an affirmative answer which is yes. The school has competent stakeholders including professionals from each department which is relevant or which can contribute to the success of this project.

Different professionals have been assigned important roles. A special committee comprising of financial advisors and project managers have been assigned the duty of coming up with a budget which will be required to complete the project. The professors from the department of civil engineering and architecture together with the students have been tasked with the duty of coming up with the best design and project schedule (Zawislak et al., 2014). All these tasks have been assigned to university professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in their departments. Some of them have been working on different projects in the university, and those projects have been confirmed to have been completed successfully.

There are several aspects of this food outlets project which makes it not only the most viable plan but also one of the most important projects ever started in the school. It is the only project which the first phases will the financing the second phase and all the phases will be financed with the profits accrued once the predecessor's faces are operational. Some of the students willing to work as waiters and waitresses will also be hired in these outline (Zawislak et al., 2014). Our aim is not only to provide students with timely cheap food but also to protect them from exploitation from hotels situated around the school where hygiene is not observed as required.

Another important aspect is concerning the amount which will be raised by the university. Our school is prioritizing on commencement and completion of this project hence it has decided to raise half of the total budget. The other half is what we are aiming for from you the grantmakers. Our commitment to allocate such amount for this specific project shows the kind of commitment we have on this project. The project is also aiming at sourcing some of its raw materials from the community around especially farm produce like milk and vegetables (Zawislak et al., 2014). The school has also been hiring staff from the neighboring community. Apart from hiring from the neighboring community, most of the high school graduates who come from this community receive a quarter of our slots. This is a program which was started by the management with the aim of ensuring that community which donated the land where the school has been built gets to benefit the most.

School can run efficiently if all the supporting structures are working efficiently. Since the school is unable to provide accommodation to all the students, the only thing we can do for students who are not lucky enough to be accommodated in the school hostel is to ensure that they have a place where they can have all their meals so that once they are in school. Besides, they do not need to go out for lunch or any other meal (Zawislak et al., 2014). After answering all the questions from the grant maker, the school wishes to invite the grant maker to visit the school so that they can be provided with all the documentation which proves that the answers we have given are correct. We also plan to take your representatives on a tour of our school especially to the locations where their food outlets will be built. We are also planning to ensure that you give you the feedback on how the students feel about the proposed project.

We believe that our partnership will bring a positive change to both our organizations. We intend to involve you in all the processes concerning the project from the commencement to the completion date. The school is also willing to publish this partnership in our monthly magazine after completion of each phase of the project.





Zawislak, P. A., Cherubini Alves, A., Tello-Gamarra, J., Barbieux, D., & Reichert, F. M. (2012). Innovation capability: From technology development to transaction capability. Journal of technology management & innovation, 7(2), 14-27.

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