Paper Example on Universities: Widening Doors, Uniting Worlds

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Date:  2023-01-11

Institutions of higher learning are essential facilities that enable and aid in the integration of people from all over the world. They, therefore, create an environment for equitability among all those that are interested. The doors of the higher learning institutions should, therefore, be kept wide open. This is the case in our campus, and by so doing, our university has attracted many students as well as other cadres of workers across the globe. These people come from different social groups, economic backgrounds, races, and religions. All these classes lead to our campus being one of the most diverse. Therefore, affordability, accessibility, and integration, therefore, critical. As you know, we have the students and workers welfare, which has been formed to facilitate a smooth running of an institution such as this that has enormous diversity.

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I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to congratulate your office for showing significant dedication in ensuring that the needs of all students from various walks of lives and our massive diversities get a pleasant learning environment. The campus offers a suitable learning environment by making its programs affordable to all regardless of their financial backgrounds. The efforts of your office to create supportive programs and cohesion amongst the multi-cultural students and from different races are unique. The students embrace the principles that guide us and those that help us to assist fellow students in the event of difficulties. We would, therefore, like to thank the welfare office for a good job

As a result, the campus continues attracting more and more students of self-identifying populations. The massive community of diversity creates a powerful experience of education as we learn to appreciate all the students we interact within the campus. Affordability of the programs on the college is another issue that impresses all the students who pursue different postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It is, and we all know that the issue of university cost is an issue affecting the whole country and is not only limited to the New York University alone. New York University has worked to improve the affordability of the programs. Again, on behalf of the students of the campus, I would wish to convey our gratitude to the university senate and the administration at large.

Still, on the issue of affordability, the budget for funding the undergraduate program was shaken. But as I write, the budget has improved and is now covering almost two-thirds of the tuition fee as well as other charges. Additionally, the total debts of the university have decreased significantly by over 30% over the last five years. This is a record below the national mean debt per student basis. We would also like to thank the management and the office of the university head of student welfare for organizing and conducting a campaign to raise a billion dollars to aid in support of students who come from financially disadvantaged families in their undergraduate programs. The campaign was a great success as it was able to raise more than five hundred thousand million dollars, which is half the projection. The amount will go a long way in offering scholarships to the needy students in our university. Such a move is commendable.

We, as the students of the New York University,, believe and subscribe strongly to the education values that the campus instills in us. The quality education that we get from the institution is one of a kind. The faculties, the vigor of our coursework and opportunities that we get are unmatched to any and are of international standards, and this makes our university one of the most outstanding varsities in the world. The students are always happy due to the extraordinary range of internships in New York. We all know that as students in the universities need internships to aid in building the knowledge, we acquire as we study our different course at the university. We appreciate the unwavering assistance that the institution accords to us as students in finding internships. Other support that we get from the university ranges from the well-being of the students in terms of health and other welfare issues that help us to solve problems amongst ourselves when the need comes.

Despite the fact that the University of New York is a private entity, it is affordable to all unlike many other private universities in the world which are expensive and only take into considerations the affluent students or those that come from a wealthy family background as only those that can afford the high fees. During the visit of Andrew Hamilton, he ensured that he made several priorities about the yearly budget cycle of the university. He ensured that the Senate of the university was aware of the preferences he made where the Senate on listening to Hamilton's priorities proposed several alterations in the academic year 2016-2017. The changes included the following:

That the proposed increment of the tuition fee from the usual range of about 3.5 to 3.9 % per year is decreased to 2.9% for the majority of the undergraduate programs offered in the New York University for the coming year. The decrease was significant as if the institution was to stick to the 3.9% rise in fees that would have been the highest fee increment to have ever been recorded in the university for over 20 years. This was a good move as it considered the issue of affordability of the undergraduate courses on the campus.

That the institution would stop the plan that was to be implemented on housing and the meal, freezing this cost was an improvement that the students took positively as it was a big deal of reducing the cost. The freezing was to take effect in the academic year 2016-2017.

That the Senate of the New York University would scrap off the registration and the service fee, this was a good move in favor of the students and their sponsors as it would assist in reducing the charge that they would have been required to pay the institution and this adds on the issue of affordability.

The Senate also proposed to convert more student rooms to lower cost houses that would be affordable to all students regardless of their financial background.


In conclusion, the University of New York is student friendly. Its affordability makes it unique hence attracting more students from all over the world. This makes the institution to have diversity in terms of races, financial backgrounds, religions, and the likes. As the student representative, I thank the entire institution, the management, Andrew Hamilton and the university community at large for taking care of the welfare of the students as well as making our institution one of the best and allowing an excellent learning environment for all of us.

Thanks for your continued support.

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