New Insights Gained Based on Results of The "Locus of Control" Assessment

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Date:  2022-03-13


My proactivity score is 32. Following the completion of the proactivity score, I came to learn a lot about myself. First, I learned that my perceptions of external and internal proactivity are high. Specifically, my strong perception of external proactivity was manifested through a score of four in "I am always looking for new opportunities," and "Whenever I can, I take the initiative in school or work projects." Additionally, my high internal proactivity is manifested through my high scores in items related to internal proactivity such as the belief that I can do anything, the capacity to set my mind on something and get it done, and seeing opportunities where others see problems.

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Proactivity connects a leader with his or her followers or those around them (Low, 2017). I firmly believe that by being highly proactive I would be in a better position to communicate efficiently, relate well, inspire, and motivate my followers. Consequently, I will be capable of achieving organizational objectives and goals faster. It has also been reported that through proactive leadership, employees' there is increased employee performance and job satisfaction (Parker & Bindl, 2016; Ruckdaschel, 2014).

How These Insights Might Impact My Future Role as a Public Health Leader

The new insights gained through the proactivity assessment made me understand that effective leadership involves looking for new opportunities elsewhere. I hope to achieve this through collaboration with other healthcare organizations, community leadership, and non-governmental organizations. Through such collaboration, I will be in a better position to guarantee better public health. I also learned that proactivity in leadership involves taking the initiative and making things work.

As a future public health leader, I hope to ensure that my leadership style is focused on leading by example (modeling) and ensuring that the objectives and goals are met in time by encouraging a collaborative approach to work. My future use utilization of this leadership approach is also informed by the fact that employees prefer working in organizations where proactive leadership is used (Dudar, Scott, & Scott, 2017). Lastly, by using this leadership strategy, leaders can easily anticipate the needs of followers and take the initiative aimed at achieving results (Tomal & Schilling, 2018).


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