Paper Sample on Family Problems: Trey's Struggles of a Divorced Home

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Date:  2023-10-04


This family displays a myriad of problems ranging from parental issues to children's moral misconduct and decay. Trey's parents divorced while he was merely ten years of age hence opening the Pandora's Box. Due to the increased burden of feeding the children, Trey's mother rolled her sleeves to work more and with extra time to make ends meet for her family through the meeting to pay the family bill and provision of other basic need items. As a result, Trey was left in his friend's mercies, who unfortunately introduced him to various illegal substance abuse and trafficking. He was arrested in 2018 and 2019 for the crime of passion for illicit drugs. Therefore, this family is facing a lot of challenges in that his mother is needed to cope up with the heavy duties in her place of work at the same time to find a time and stay with her son.

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Case Analysis

This case involves and complicated network of events with some gaps left that leads to some suspense through the paper. As Trey's father abandons him and leaves, the same judicial system arresting and judging Trey would have still come in and salvaged the situation before getting out of the hand. Trey lacks a fatherly guide that makes him indulge in all manner of illegal activities and has led to serious psychological and emotional torture to his mother. She struggles hard to the extent of agreeing that her son is admitted at the NYPC, where close monitoring is guaranteed.

Theoretical Formulations of the “Causes” of the Presenting Problem

This family problem can be fully attributed to the father, who led to the exposure of family members to various life-threatening situations. Theoretically, Trey’s mother undergoes so much pressure to ensure that her family remains strong regardless of the real condition that depicts the current situation. The entire family is messed up as Trey is already indulgent of illegal substances that have led to his arrest and prosecution by various judicial systems. If the father was around, all these incidences could not be there; therefore, such a problem is the father.

Relational Structure or Important Dynamics of the Family

Trey and the entire family members got some family relational structures and experiences deprived due to the divorce that occurred while he was ten years. However, there is various importance of dynamics or relational structure in the family. Some of such parameters include:

  • Strong family bonding
  • Unlimited support
  • Strong sense of belongingness
  • Feeling of togetherness
  • Ways in Which the Flaws of the Family Dynamics present the Problems

Flaws in a family lead to serious family relationships and dynamics that eventually sprout as core problems. The poor relationship, for instance, between Trey's parents led to serious problems within the household. Trey lacked parental support and guidance hence submitting to drugs and other illegal ventures that saw him arrested at a tender age. Therefore, family flaws affect family activities and relationships.

Family Strengths Noticed from the Case

Family strengths are key elements that enable the individual family to have strong values and continuity. It instills discipline and positive morals in every member of a given family. It entails various traits depicted by each family member that pools together and develops family strengths. They are essential for both parents and children in ensuring that the right paths get followed and enable them to avoid unnecessary social and behavioral mischiefs that may, in one way or another, cause the downfall of the family. Some of the key parameters determine, dictate, and define the strengths of a family.

Based on Trey's family history, there are numerous traits of strengths even though the family divorced and exposed the children to various social threats like bad behaviors, drug and substance abuse, and trafficking, robbery with violence cases, thefts, violence, and use of bad language. It is the exact definition of the environment where Trey got exposed to after he left him. He got indulge in different negative activities due to peer pressure and lack of fatherly advice, love, care, and guidance. However, there are some of the family strength elements depicted from this family.

Parental Resilience

Managing general life and parenting stress and functioning well when faced with stressors, challenges, or adversity; the outcome is positive change and growth. Being a parent is an exceptionally remunerating experience; however, it can likewise be unpleasant. Trey’s mother is a special parent who can accept it when regular daily existence is distressing and can adapt to infrequent emergencies that are supposed to be tough. Although through Trey’s behavior and criminal lifestyle, everybody in the family has had a troublesome day or times when it feels like nothing is going right: a level tire while in transit to work; a friend or family member is sick; the school calls and says Trey is carrying on severely; the forced air system quits chipping away at a hot day, or the charge card is pushed to the limit. Some of these can be more effectively settled than others.

All Trey’s parents have internal qualities or other assets that fill in as an establishment of strength during difficult stretches like the divorce and the arrests made on their son; they remained strong. Greater difficulties require guardians to utilize their inward quality and be proactive in searching for their families' best answers. Most can deal with ordinary problems, yet everybody needs assistance occasionally. Different life stressors, for example, a past filled with misuse or disregard, physical or emotional wellness issues, relationship strife, substance misuse, aggressive behavior at home, budgetary difficulty, joblessness, and vagrancy, can lessen parents’ ability to adapt to regular stressors of bringing up the children.

These are times when parents need additional help looking for help. Utilizing "mental fortitude" of versatility during unpleasant occasions or an emergency may assist guardians with seeing an approach to endure and recapture their capacity to continue going. At the point when guardians deal with themselves during upsetting occasions, their kids see a model of how to adapt.

Social Connections

It involves having healthy, sustained relationships with people, institutions, the community, or a force greater than oneself within a family setting. Social associations assume a job in the day by day life. The social association is viewed as a more noteworthy well-being determinant contrasted with hypertension, smoking, and heftiness. What's more, an extraordinary aspect concerning social associations is that she does not need to be genuinely present to profit by them. For whatever length of time that Trey’s mother has an inclination that she is associated with others, and they truly acknowledge and get her to feel these advantages.

As indicated by various specialists, since social associations make her more advantageous, they can likewise build Trey’s life span. This applies regardless of what age she is, regardless of the sexual orientation, and that's just the beginning. Indeed, even in the working environment, keeping up sound social associations expands her activity fulfillment, which, thus, urges to stay in his mother’s working environment for a considerable length of time to come.

As should be obvious, social associations are extremely significant. To keep the family solid, glad, and persuaded chip away at Trey's family connections, not simply physical well-being. While his mother has just taken in a great deal about social associations in this article, he might be wondering where the entirety of this data originated from. In the event that you have ever met an individual who has a ton of dear companions, relatives, and friends and family, the advantages of these social associations would be obvious.

Yet, there has likewise been a ton of logical examination and studies that help these cases. Since social associations are a significant piece of life, analysts have invested a ton of energy concentrating on how they influence every other part of life. One investigation distributed after Trey’s arrests in 2018 and 2019 recommended that bliss is "infectious," and it very well may be spread through social associations (Mental Health Law 2020). In this way, if his interpersonal organization has a glad and uplifting disposition, generally speaking, these nice sentiments will come off on his mother. As indicated by this examination, the organization that he kept powerfully affects his conduct and states of mind.

In another examination, analysts found that having solid social associations may fundamentally expand the family’s life span. This is one of the most critical advantages of keeping up social associations for an incredible duration.

One of the more fascinating examinations led had the snappy title "Extremely Happy People" (Santisteban et al., 2013). Here, the outcomes demonstrated that cheerful individuals had significantly progressively social associations contrasted with miserable people. Also, they can respond to all the more suitably to occasions that occur in their lives because of their demeanor.

An examination that Trey’s mother can peruse progressively about here has demonstrated that both the quality and amount of social connections can affect Trey’s physical and psychological wellness, mortality hazard, and the sky's limit. Besides, having social associations can help improve well-being conditions and organic markers that show the danger of ailments. One of the greater examinations that included nearly all of Trey’s friends was directed about social associations and satisfaction. Through this investigation, the specialists found two fundamental sorts of systems to accomplish satisfaction – individual and social. For the individuals who discovered joy through social systems, these included their social associations. Over the long haul, these individuals fared better contrasted with the individuals who concentrated more on singular systems.


Concerning supporting psychological wellness, social connectedness is pivotal. In another investigation, this is actually what the specialists concentrated on. The consequences of this examination further exhibited how social connectedness can fill in as such a "fix" for the sick well-being of the mind. Once more, this shows how helpful social associations can be, particularly for those experiencing psychological wellness issues. Indeed, even previously, scientists have contemplated the significance of this social perspective. One of the more seasoned examinations led indicated the consistency of expanded mortality hazard among those with low-amount and low-quality social connections.

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