Essay Example on Personal Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Date:  2021-04-01 03:41:02
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Throughout my time in the workplace environment, I have served in different capacities for a while. These positions call for my undisrupted attention, training and advanced knowledge levels that are above what is expected. My practice and experience is a source of information and knowledge on various support systems including financial management, administrative and support systems. I have earned a levelheaded application of these support systems through the years and thus can effectively function on such levels. One of my primary sources of experience is the senior authorizer position at the department of veteran affairs. I had the opportunity to take the supervisory role in case the team coach was on rotation. It provided the chance to interact with various administrative support systems. As a result, oriented administrator and operations manager in various governmental institutions, my level of expertise in the systems available for such positions are beyond impeccable.

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As an administrative assistant in the Philadelphia prison system, I can confidently state that prowess in administrative systems is pristine. I was in charge of scheduling personal leave and vacation for more than one hundred and fifty officers. I also had the authority to a lot of disciplinary procedures and various policies while in this position. The experience adds to the already established proficiency in the management of various systems and which I can confidently say that my skills are refined. My claims examiner position at the department of veteran affairs ensured that I acquired top notch ability in financial management. By analyzing financial data and a responsibility for all concepts of the pension maintenance center I developed a niche for sensitive areas in financial management and the specific type of knowledge and experience effective for the position. However what sets me apart is my business major from the Stayer University. At the moment my knowledge of the systems is one of the main reasons I stand out as an individual in the employment field. My service at various capacities provided great opportunities to show my capabilities and in so doing I continually developed my knowledge level and got to learn so much more along the way. My business major was a wonderful basis for developing my experience and the background information presented a strong foundation on which my current superb ability is built on.

I have served in various capacities some of them managerial and the only thing that remains constant through the transition is that the employment environment is never easy. Working in conjunction with individuals who are diverse and have varied opinions which may not necessarily agree with mine is always a challenge for any manager or employee in whatever field. However, abilities and passion for what I do make me stand out. Throughout the years I have had various training opportunities and experiences that have built on my ability to deal with major and operational problems within my working environment. The ability often involves the qualitative and quantitative analysis of situations to identify the aspects surrounding the issue including statistics, cost-benefit analysis, and trend analysis. I had several opportunities to be selected for the most challenging assignments in the course of my employment and I believe that they have contributed to my decision-making and problem-solving skills.

During my service as an assistant coach, my capability to deal with major and operational issues was often put to test no only once but several times. It was my responsibility to the one in charge to hear and resolve employee complaints. Being a diverse working environment it was normal to get a complaint each day and my leadership and problem-solving skills were clearly demonstrated and developed during such times. I often worked towards a problem resolution strategy that was fair for all. I ensured that I put my biases aside and aimed for the satisfaction of the employees involved and the overall development of the organization. I would also administer disciplinary measures in instances where employees had to suffer the consequences of their wrongdoing. Even in such instances, my aim was to always keep my professionalism and execute these duties in the fairest way. I also worked towards ensuring that I did not force my authority on those under my leadership but cooperated with them in addressing the various issues we would encounter. As a claims examiner, I encountered various issues that I believe are the reasons for my maturity in my professionalism. A precise example is when I worked in conjunction with the finance department to investigate diminish and process over 1.7 million dollars in undeliverable and returned funds from the United States treasury and the department of veteran affairs.

I have worked with the human resource on several occasions and the feedback was encouraging. My input during such instances was one that was fair and open and was free from political influence or other non-merit factors. Still, as an assistant coach my responsibility also involved personnel administration actions which included the evaluation of subordinates performance. All these were in an effort to monitor and identify the effectiveness of each member of the team. The actions also played the role of tools of measurement of team member efforts and identification of those who needed to do better. In conjunction with the human resource department, I had the opportunity to be part of numerous hiring panels. I conducted the necessary interviews while effectively following all the regulations that accompany the HR function of hiring and recruitment. I did not misuse my authority as a figure of influence during the interviewing and hiring process but ensure that I acted in a fair and equitable manner. I also ensured that I fostered healthy and working relationships with employee unions through several meetings and development of cohesive agreements that affected employee matters.

My knowledge on human resource systems was further advanced through my experience with the HR as a claims examiner. In my capacity, I had various opportunities to preside of veteran representative panel selection in conjunction with the human resource management team. My flexibility and ability to adapt easily ensured that in instances where I had to with the human resource sys4ems, I would deliver quality services. Many of the HR roles I played built on the skills and abilities I already had and thus may knowledge and skills in this area flourished with time. I also had various forms of training to add to my knowledge and experience including seminars and workshops that were geared towards effective functioning in human resource capacities. Also, believe that my major in business administration at the university presented the perfect foundation for my skills in human resource management. Though it only acted as a source of the basics, the background knowledge I provided was necessary for me to build on my professionalism and competence in human resource matters.

I have served as a supervisor in various capacities one of which a senior authorizer as a veteran services representative. My responsibility involved the review and authorization of complex cases and claims which were sensitive in nature. The cases are supervised also involved novel issues including contested claims and appellate reviews. As the assistant coach my supervisory skills also played a role in how I operated. I would be team coach in times when there was rotation or in instances where the team coach was unavailable. I had the function of making sure that performances were directed towards the indicator goals that were already in place. I also got the opportunity to preside over a number of projects while still ensuring that the funds allotted to these projects were put to good use. I also had the authority of assigning duties to subordinates which I felt would develop the team. I also had the final technical authority over individual outputs. I would also evaluate the performance of subordinates while I was in charge of personnel administration. I was also part of the team that engaged in employee evaluation which was necessary for making and implementing various decisions which included recommendations for position appointments, reassignments or promotions.

I also ensured accountability among the subordinates in my capacity as a supervisor. I monitored their performance to ensure that what they bring forth was up to the standards and quality as spelled out in the workplace policy. Therefore in the process of monitoring their output, I ensure that they were ever accountable for what they brought forth and they would take responsibility in instances where it was necessary. I was also in charge of the various resources available to team members as an assistant coach and in instances where I took the place of the coach. My role was to make sure that these resources were used in a cost-effective way and that team members would effectively accomplish their assigned outcomes with the help of the resources at their disposal. As an administrator and operations manager in various governmental agencies, I was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that employees were prompt with their tasks and responsibilities. Over the years I can comfortably say that I have developed a keen eye for perfection in workplace task and responsibilities and even as I interact with employees my goals are to ensure that they give nothing but the best.

I would say that my skills in analyzing data have developed significantly over time. Right from the basics of various tools that are appropriate for the analysis and interpretation of data including technology like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Word, and spreadsheets. I got knowledge of these technologies during my initial years of career and educational development and my knowledge of them continue to improve. I can comfortably say that I can work through data using the various available tools and come up with the necessary interpretation of the data. I also have an experience with management information systems and computer information systems which work towards the same goal of analyzing and interpreting data. My interaction with the said data does not only reach the interpretation level but I also apply the various skills I have in making decisions as a result of the knowledge derived from the data.

A precise example is during my time in the Philadelphia prison system as a correctional/administrative supervisor where I would interact with various reports that required interpretation decision making. These mainly included investigative and disciplinary reports from staff members. I would analyze them for accuracy and to ensure that policies and procedures were adhered to. As a legal assistant at the US employment opportunity commission, I would also interact with data that needed by undivided attention and which would aid in my decision-making process. During this time I had the role of maintaining and inputting proper coding and processing for charges of discrimination. I would utilize various tools including spreadsheets, excel and the EEOC computer software program. I would also review cases and assist with the ADR mediation hearings. My other role involved the drafting of motions, made reviews, edited and made decisions. I also subpoenaed witnesses, documents and the files necessary for effective processing of federal hearing cases. As the case legal technician/benefits authorizer at the ODAR-SSA/Mid-Atlantic Program Center I had the function of inputting information in the SSA computer system including CPMS, HOTS, DART, DGS, DGSI and much more. All these duties plus much more that I was a part of ensu...

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