Paper Example on Patient's Health Conditions Confirmed: Excess Absences

Paper Type:  Report
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  627 Words
Date:  2023-09-19

Having gone through the copy of the letter and job description from your company, which has been provided by the patients, I would, therefore, confirm to the best of my knowledge the health conditions of my Patient. From the details and the information provided, it is clear that the Patient has excessively been absent from work for the past four months and has exceeded missing company policy. This later is to put into confirmation that the patients named above have been my clients being their family doctor for quite a long time. As a medical practitioner, I would confirm that indeed my Patient has had underlying medical conditions, which resulted in her been absent most often. The underlying situations and circumstances of the patients include:

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  1. I want to bring to your attention that the patients have been suffering from constant stress and trauma, which was brought about by the health conditions of her father. To add more clarification to the situations, the Patient's father, Mr. Islam, was diagnosed with a heart problem, which ended with major heart surgery on April 26th,2019. The condition has resulted in the unsuccessful removal of blockages. It has caused many restrictions of his cores in daily life and to the life of the Patient as a family member. From the father's health condition, the Patient has experienced a lot of stress, which comes with additional responsibilities like taking the father to see the doctor when needed and again taking care of family activities. To confirm the whole situation has resulted in a lot of stress and trauma to the patients making her absence from work.
  2. The depression and stress have made the patients go through an awkward moment in life, which includes dropping from school as a student of Criminal Justice program during her 2nd last semester. And has been falling behind with her education due to her struggles with personal life, which has resulted in disqualification in her terms several times.
  3. The patients have also experience the instances of bullying from some of the customers, which is demoralizing and making her lose the morale and motivation to works; this has also added to her stressful life.
  4. Lastly, the Patient has been having complications during her menstrual cycle. The complexity during the menstrual period of the patients has been on and off for the past seven years, and it is untreatable (not sure if this is true, but I have not had any response from my doctor regarding this for which this has happened to be continuing for years. Issues like abdominal pain, fever, entire body pain, mood swings, lack of blood flow, vomiting, unable to eat anything for days, etc.) The Patient-reported that from time to time, she had passed her cycles for 2-3 months without having any menstrual but the symptoms. The Patient mentioned these issues had caused problems for her in many areas of her life.

She has recently been prescribed medication for stress and medicines for her menstrual to see if the situations improve. She has no restrictions on weights or any job descriptions except the time during her menstrual.

The Patient mentioned, she would like to request the company to schedule her in the "convenience store" (if possible) during the time of her menstrual, which she believes can help her reduce the absences during the time of menstrual. She will inform her manager when she is approaching her menstrual cycle to be scheduled. The Patient has been provided with the requisition to do all her blood work and another medical test to be prescribed for any further medication. Until then, I would like to observe her condition with the medication provided for stress.

If any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my clinic.

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