Paper Example on City's First Response Agencies Under Pressure: Inferior Emergency Mgmt System

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Date:  2023-04-24

It has come to my attention that the city's first response agencies are being faced with a significant challenge. First response agencies play a critical role in our locality by providing us with the emergency response that is vital to preservation and protection of life, property, the environment and even necessary evidence that is paramount in the provision of justice (Locke et al. 2019). I have noted that the municipality has an inferior emergency management system. Both the Emergency Management Council (EMC's) and the relevant Local Government Attorneys (LGA's) lack a critical and coordination that is vital for the provision of first response. My office has written this statute as a call for the implementation of basic plans and strategies that will ensure that these bodies are well prepared for the first response. My office noted: -

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That first response is critical to the running of a municipality. A city needs to be prepared to handle disasters that may arise. The first response is vital to preserve and protect life and property, which plays an essential role in the running of the city. The duties are critical to both the economy and has societal implications.

That first response is a task that is done through the coordination of various agencies. The agencies include; healthcare providers, firefighters, security personnel, transport department, local business persons, and the people of the city (Locke et al. 2019).

That emergency management is a vital task that needs cooperation between the EMC's and LGA's. Each plays a critical duty in ensuring that the city has an excellent first response that will provide services effectively hence saving lives (Nicholson, 2013).

That LGA's play a critical role in providing EMC's with necessary legal advice, which is crucial for the implementation of disaster management plans and planning for the first response. EMC's operate on a legally critical basis where they need to provide quick responses and, at the same time, be within the law.

That the municipal police and LGA's have not met for over five years to plan on how to handle and manage disaster (Nicholson, 2013). Emergency response should be designed consistently with regular meetings by the concerned agencies to make sure that they have revised plans to handle impending disasters.

That the emergency response council is not inclusive, emergency response is a vital role that needs all relevant stakeholders to be actively involved across all the stages of the process for the success of the process (National Fire Protection Association, 2007).

That the EMC requires proper funding to support its endeavour to protect and preserve life, property, the environment, and critical response in times of disaster, funding is vital for the provision of equipment and compensation of the various personnel who provide these services.

That as the mayor of this municipality, my office is tasked with the responsibility of joining EMC's and LGA's to enhance the preparation of emergency response (Graham, 2019). Both bodies are under my office; hence it is my duty to organize a sitting for them and facilitate their cooperation for the betterment of the preparedness to emergency operations.

That my office is tasked with the duty of funding emergency response, as the mayor, my office is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the people in the municipality. The first response protects lives and property hence falls under the safety and security responsibility.

That my office is responsible for bringing all the stakeholders on board to facilitate the emergency response service, for emergency operations to be successful, it is vital to engage all the stakeholders each to provide the various resources, information, and knowledge that is key for enhancing the preparedness.

Solutions to the Emergency Operations Challenges (SEOC)

From the noted points which entail various challenges and difficulties that are experienced in the preparedness of emergency operations mainly based on the joining of the EMC's and LGA's, it was necessary to develop a working strategy (National Fire Protection Association, 2007). The plan will help deal with the difficulties experienced in joining the EMC's and LGA's. They will also facilitate the preparedness for emergency response operations. The challenges will be solved by: -

SEOC #1 Cooperation between EMC's and LGA's

Establish a working relationship between these bodies, which play a vital role in the bid to enhance effective emergency operations. My office will create a suitable environment and facilitate the joining of these bodies to ensure that they cooperate freely and have a productive working relationship (Locke et al. 2019).

SEOC #2 Involve all stakeholders in the planning process

Emergency operations involve several stakeholders who include persons, agencies, among others. My office will bring in these agencies and organize stakeholder meetings to facilitate their involvement in the process (Graham, 2019). The emergence management council should also diversify its base by having people across the various fields who will bring diverse views, which are essential for effective preparedness for disaster.

SEOC #3 Diversify funding

Emergency response is mainly funded by the government through various agencies and levels of governance. To ensure full funding, my office will encourage multiple stakeholders to pool their resources to provide an effective emergency response. The reasons for this is because: -

Emergency response requires diverse resources to be effective. It requires all types of support from healthcare factors, security factors, among other factors. These factors need a lot of resources to be made available hence the reason for full funding.

Full funding is also necessary due to the role that emergency operations play. Emergency response preserves and protects life and property. Total funding is essential to ensure the effectiveness of this process (Graham, 2019). The role plays guarantees it to be fully funded to enhance its efficiency.

Emergency response is not an income-generating endeavour. It is a practice without monetary benefits. Its benefits are on the preservation of life, property, environment, and evidence. It does not have an income of its own. All its resources are gotten from other sources hence the importance to fund fully.


The office of the mayor is responsible for the protection and preservation of both the people and the resources within the municipality. Due to this reason, the office plays a significant role in ensuring that emergency operations are practical and efficient. This statute identifies some challenges and essential factors that are necessary for facilitating its process. It has also proposed strategies that can be inculcated in it for its efficiency and effectiveness.


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