Paper Example on 9/11 Attack on The World Trade Centre And the Pentagon

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Date:  2022-06-05


On Tuesday 9th September 2001 at eight forty-five a.m. nineteen militants associated with an Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda hijacked four American airline planes and carried out suicide attacks in the cities of New York and the Washington DC in the united states. Two aircraft were flown to the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York where they crushed. The third plane hit the Pentagon outside Washington Dc, and then the fourth plane crashed in a field in the Pennsylvanian.

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The class discussion did not alter my general knowledge of the events that took place on the day of the attack, but it instead added more understanding on what exactly transpired in the day of the shooting. The first attack on the world trade center occurred at 8.45 A.m. on Tuesday morning whereby an American airline Boeing 767 having twenty thousand gallons of jet fuel was flown towards the North Tower of the World Trade Centre in New York city where it crushed the effect left a gaping, burning hole near the 80th ground of the 110-tale building, instantly killing many people and trapping masses extra. As the evacuation of the north and south tower got underway, television cameras broadcast and live images of what it was presumed to have been an accident. Fifteen minutes after the first plane hit the tower and crushed, a second Boeing 767 united airlines flight was seen coming out from the sky, turned sharply towards the World trade Centre hit and crashed into the south tower near the 60th floor leading to an explosion to the surrounding buildings and other floors of the world trade towers of each the north and south tower. So many people died in the building, and others died of cancer and other diseases resulting from the harmful substances in the air. Only six people who were in the towers survived the deadly assault. The terrorists lived in the united states for almost a year taking flight lessons in the American Commercial flight school while planning for the attacks.

As people watched the occasions unfolding in New York, a third airplane an American Airways flight 77 rotated over downtown Washington, DC before crashing into the west side of the Pentagon military headquarters at nine forty-five A.M. Leading to a structural collapse of a portion of the giant concrete building, that's the headquarters of the United States Defense force. One hundred army personnel and civilians had been killed within the Pentagon, together with all sixty-four human beings aboard the aircraft. A total of two thousand, nine hundred ninety-six died including the 19 terrorists. The discussion gave a broad understanding of the events of the 9/11.

How to Deal With Terrorism Aimed at the United States

The United States must value freedom and human rights dignity through effective democracy. Valuing human dignity gives the marginalized groups feel they are part of the general majority. The rule of law will be used in the peaceful resolution of disputes hence reducing dissatisfaction of those who to have been offended.

Similarities and Differences Between Domestic Terrorism and Al Qaeda and ISIS

The terms terrorism and domestic terrorism are very similar standards. There are, however, moderate differences in every. Entities that are a part of the government have barely one-of-a-kind approaches to explaining what they agree with to be the proper definition of terrorism and domestic terrorism. In this paper, the writer will offer interpretations of the two phrases and nation which one they agree with the maximum. Both the groups over the past years have been hiding in religion (Islam) to promote violence. They have radicalized the Islamic community to believe that killing non-Muslim assures them a place in heaven. They frequently target woman and children since they consider them weak and easy to false instinct information about other religions.

They both think that specific ethnicity is inferior or infidels for the case of KKK they tend to intimidate the Jews and the blacks as they consider them inferior as compared to the other communities and other ethnic groups. While the ISIS target non-Muslims as they regard them as non-believers and are pagans.

Both the domestic groups and the ISIS and al Qaeda are pro-slavery to some extent this is evident whereby an internal group (KKK) initially supported institutes of enslaving black people at the same ISIS submit Yazidi women to sexual slavery. The terrorist groups are characterized by humiliating the public and the marginalized groups in the name of seeking justice due to what they term as a failed regime or poor governance and neglection of their community by the state.

The groups, however, have some differences in the way they conduct their terrorist operations. The first which is much apparent is that the domestic groups have been and are operating within the boundaries of the united states, and they work within the existing political structure to promote their interests while the ISIS and Al Qaeda operate internationally and they have created their governing structure to plan and effect their terror plan in order to improve their interests. They even have sub-branches in some states like the Al-Shabaab in Somalia in eastern Africa. The subgroups get funding from the leading group and ammunition to conduct their terror activities.


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