African American Inventors Annotated Bibliography

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Date:  2022-05-26

Amram, F. M., & Henderson, S. K. (1996). African-American Inventors. Capstone.

Amram and Henderson offer the biography and details of African American innovators comprising Marjorie Stewart Joyner and other notable personalities. The book excels in the detailed and vivid capture of the context of the American society. It is applicable as it provides a holistic perspective on the lives of the African Americans in the field of research, training and education.

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Sullivan, O. R., & Haskins, J. (1998). African American Inventors (Vol. 16). John Wiley & Sons Incorporated.

Sullivan & Haskins describes the black inventors that achieved their dreams of invention and innovation. The authors accurately depict the life of inventors such as Benjamin Banneker among other personalities. The book is a worthy resource for the academic historical and analytic scholar in various domains.

Sullivan, O. R., & Haskins, J. (2002). Black Stars: African American women scientists and inventors. Wiley.

The book is devoted to describing the female inventors and their challenges and success stories. The book succeeds in describing the notable Black-American woman innovators and the relevant, vital angles of thought. This book applies to all cadres of scholarship as it reveals the vital elements of each personality and their way to achievement.

Towle, W. (1993). The real McCoy: The life of an African-American inventor. Scholastic.

The book details the life history and accomplishments of the notable Black American, Elijah McCoy, who developed more than fifty original creations, comprising a well-acclaimed oil cup that transformed railway procedures. In essence, the book is excellent literature to the extent of literature substance. The book is a vital source of knowledge and enlightenment concerning the personality and achievements of McCoy

McKissack, P., & McKissack, F. (1994). African-American Inventors. Millbrook Press

The authors of the book venture into the subject of African American inventions with a particular perspective to the biographies of the inventors. The book successfully focuses on the personalities while also paying attention to the crucial elements and norms in the lives of the personalities. The book applies to students at various levels of education and even applies to scholars as it provides in-depth detail of the various personalities.

Brodie, J. M. (1993). Created equal: the lives and ideas of Black American innovators. Quill.

The article examines those inventions of African Americans, including blood donation centre pioneer, Drew among other innovators. It excels in effectively keeping tabs on the individuals while giving careful consideration of the essential elements in their lives. In all paradigms of scholarly meditation, the literature substance in the book offers a dynamic perspective to the social, economic and political issues surrounding the black scientists and engineers.

Haber, L. (1970). Black pioneers of science and innovation.

Haber focuses on the subject of innovation with a keen perspective to the blacks who have excelled in science and innovation. The book offers comprehensive details of the norm of the black scientists and the external factors that contributed to their successes and challenges. The book applies to the historical paradigm of academia as it offers past biographical and analytical detail in a unique manner that appreciates the history of the United States and the political developments.

Jenkins, E. S. (1996). To fathom more: African American scientists and inventors. Univ Pr of Amer.

The book adequately engages the reader in the written prose that is thorough in the substantive context as pertains to the subject inherent. The book offers excellent insight into the imaginations and inventive minds of the African American science experts. The book uses excellent detail and captivating style to convey the content in a manner that applies to various age categories and complexity.

Williams, J. C. (1978). At last recognition in America: a reference handbook of unknown Black inventors and their contributions to America (Vol. 1). Bca Pub Corp.

The book focuses on the many inventor s of the African American descent who were until then sidelined and less regarded in the American society. The gist of the book lies in its structuralised description and organisation of the ideas and thoughts. The boom is a fundamental resource in the subject of African American development and history.

Aaseng, N. (1997). Black Inventors. Facts on File.

Offers the life history and endeavours of 10 Black-Americans that prospered in the various fields including industrial innovation, agriculture and the medical sector. The book is successful in highlighting the cause of the African-American scientist in the midst of all the segregation and challenges of academic development and training. It is indeed essential literature for the dynamic scholar aiming to obtain a broad appreciation of the subject.

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