Organization Structure and Functions: The Golden Age Hospital Gah and Community Clinics

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Date:  2022-05-17

The Golden Age Hospital GAH and community clinics are the latest projects of the Mission Viejo Medical Center. These two health facilities are to be incorporated into the main medical center due to the research was done on the communities that benefit from the facility. As a result, the primary purpose for the construction of the GAH hospital is to provide the necessary services that improve the life of the elderly adults who in the research registered a high percentage of not attending to health services required. Some of the reasons given by this population during the study were lack of transport, interest, and knowledge on the importance of going for health check-ups. On the community clinic, this facility will aim at assisting the homeless especially form the Laguna Beach and hills to overcome mental problems resulting from stress due to homelessness unemployment and lack of access to health facilities (Chan & General, 2016).

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The facilities and functions shares by the GAH, CC, and the existing Mission Hospital may include blood banks, pharmacy, surgery centers and finally the family resource center. Since the GAH will be specifically for the elderly adults and the CC for every individual located in the jurisdiction of the health facility, these structure blocks will serve the patients homogeneously without any problems. The main component of the organizational structure in these blocks is mainly information and how it moves from one block to the other. Information about the patient starts. This is because for instance, having one blood donation center will give an easy time for the patients and the healthcare personnel. Such services that blood bank will offer efficiently is the testing of blood groups for donation and manufacture or retrieval of platelets for patients with the critical condition. This facility will also contain various blood types that will assist patents in critical blood shortage to get their blood type in time compared to when the facility is not shared and are in different parts of the Mission Hospital. Having a family resource center will serve as an educational center with diverse services to both children adults and the elderly by providing health classes, activities (exercise), counseling services and other services. As a result, centralizing this structure block will enable efficient service delivery to personal and family health (Chan & General, 2016).

The organizational relationships between the hospital's structure block have a smooth flow. First, a patient's information is recorded at the information desk. Here the medical records are checked, billing records and the admissions. Then the information is transferred to the service block where the patient can receive various treatments depending on the sickness. Here, PT, OT speech lung, and respiratory diagnosis are checked, therapy, Lungs, and prescription of medications retrieved from the pharmacy (Tsugawa, Newhouse, Zaslavsky, Blumenthal & Jena, 2017). From here, the information passes to the next service block containing Medical lab report, ER, Cardiology Neurology and Nuclear medication depending on the patient's health complications. Family, the patient's information is transmitted to the final service block containing central supply. This entails the biomedical services, housekeeping, maintenance dietary and transportation, and occurs when the patient shows definite progress in health.

From the data gathered, the recommended hospital size should be 350 beds. This is because of the high number of in-out patients and the ones admitted for a short period. However, from the data, there has been an increase inpatient admissions. Having a minimum of 350 beds will be able to serve the communities around the health facility. Some of the signature treatments and service offered in my own opinion derived from the survey include brain and spine, heart and vascular, orthopedics, mental health and wellness, and finally the surgery and transport services. From the data collected, the GAH and CC will be important health institutions since a number of the elderly around the hospital location especially Laguna Beach indicated high transport, lack of knowledge and interest rates that led to low elderly turn out for health services. Therefore, for the hospital to reach to this population, transport services are essential since the old in the community will be unable to afford (Gronlund, Zanobetti, Wellenius, Schwartz & O'Neill, 2016).

The mental and wellness services will play an essential role in improving the health of the elderly in the community. This service will contain counseling and rehabilitation services that will reduce the number of backaches and mental stress among the elderly. This is due to the record from one of the municipality, Laguna Beach that indicated a high number of the elderly who had mental problems due to stress (Gronlund et al., 2016). To increase wellness among the elderly and the community at large, both GAH and CC will have to offer activity service training that informs the patients on the types and advantages of activities to engage in. The orthopedics services will be essential in checking the bone structure at GAH since the patients (elderly) are prone to spinal and their bone problems. Besides, the old in California registered a high number of heart-related complication. As a result, the GAH and the CC will offer heart and vascular services, in helping the elderly live a safe and good life. In some extreme cases of mental health issues, the GAH can rehabilitate them at the hospital's rehabilitation center that will provide services needed to improve the health of the elderly (Vassileva, McNeely, Spertus, Markwell, & Hazelrigg, 2015).

Another key component of the GAH hospital is the physician integration into the hospital's services and operations. A geriatric physician will be able to play an essential role in the GAH. The services offered by the GAH entirely depend on the help of a geriatric physician. Therefore integrating the services provided by the physician will be by delegating responsibilities handled by the RN to the physician. According to Baker, Bundorf, and Kessler (2016), transferring services to the physician will be an economizing aspect since the hospital shall have qualified personnel handling the patients. By centering all the services on the physician, it will be possible, due to the specialty in geriatrics to deliver various medications and handling of the patients. Therefore, the most appropriate integration will be centering on the GAH services around the physician. A geriatric physician will know what to do, what to do and when to apply the functions availed to him by the hospital management to the patients (Baker, Bundorf & Kessler, 2016).


Building an adult wing in the existing mission hospital catering for the adult is a great move that will help the residents around the 10-mile radius benefiting from the hospital. Availing of affordable health and shelter for the people lining in Laguna Beach will help reduce their stress and increase health conditions. In other areas, the GAH will assist in improving the quality of life the old live in the community together with the rest of the population benefiting from the Community clinics. With the numerous services to be availed in the GAH, the elderly will have a reason to smile since their health will be a core concern for the Mission Hospital.


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