Quality Control Certifications Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-25

I pick Quality Function Deployment (QFD) since it is a methodology that is focused on carefully listening to the consumer's voices and responding effectively to the needs and expectations of customers. Companies today should not assume that they know what the customers want and need. They must be sure they know. Businesses must meet and exceed the desires of customers by understanding what customers need and want. QFD has also had numerous successes in industries since it was developed (Evans 48). Many quality tools focus on things that do not please customers. QFD is however different as it focuses on things that satisfy customers. QFD expands on things that make customers happy. I thus feel QFD is essential since it is more about customers and not organizations, but in real sense organization's primary stakeholders are customers.

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For one to be licensed in QFD one needs to show discipline by; to show commitment in using QFD. Clear objectives and scope on using QFD must be established. One should get multi-functional employees. One should learn the methodology by training, to obtain QFD skills and guidelines from facilitators. To avoid crushing of development and overshadowing of effective planning and decision making and so to maintain focus, regular meetings should be scheduled. Gathering of perfect data should be avoided. One should avoid being arrogant by showing they know more than the customer. It is thus important to spend time gathering information from customers before starting QFD.

A single user license of QFD is $ 295 and may take up to 30 days. The QFD license will be of benefit to me in future. One of the main reasons to have the license is that if I ever have a company in future, the young company's financial health will be in good standing order. Customers will know that my company is legitimate. The license will also show the community that I am serious with my business. The license will also prove that I am customer focused. QFD methodology will show emphasis on that my company believes in the wants of my customers. My customers will thus be assured that their needs will be met, thus building trust. The certificate will prove that my company is committed to listening to the voice of my customer and fulfilling their needs.


In business, customer service plays a major role. Good services show that one is loyal to their consumers. Customers need to be attracted in this competitive business environment. QFD will help me win over my customers. Certification of QFD will prove to my consumers that are the best and will thus earn their trust. Building trust will help set a good image for my business. Customers will keep coming back due to the good services they will have received and in time, they will continue trusting my organization. Customers will know they can trust me and my customers and any problem that may arise. I can prove that with my QFD certification. QFD ensures that the needs of customers are well understood and addressed thus if my company have prove that am using the program, they will want to be associated with my company. QFD is not something new since it has been there for a while. It is known that it developed so as to design customer's satisfaction, thus showing proof of QFD certification is the best way to naturally win customers.

Work Cited

Evans, James R. "Insights on the future of quality management research." Quality Management Journal 20.1 (2013): 48-55.

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