Nutrition Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-30

An individual's nutrition diet can be analyzed by considering the eating behaviors and the uptake of certain foods. To fully understand this concept, it is important to find the types of foods that a person takes and their nutrition value to the body (Whitney, 2012). In addition, it is noble to ensure that the diet is balanced and that the body acquires the required components that are vital in ensuring that the food is benefiting the body. To do this, it is essential to break down my consumption pattern narrowly and determine the number of carbohydrates, sugar, dietary fiber, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber that I take against the recommended nutritional amounts. The analysis will help decide whether the consumption trend is positively or negatively impacting the body health.

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Above all, the intake of carbohydrates has both benefits and disadvantages to one's health. The diet forms an essential part in a body's ability to produce the required energy and assist in digestion. In addition, other many benefits accrue from taking carbohydrate-associated meals. Therefore, it is a crucial diet in a person's health. However, there are minimum requirements that must be taken to ensure the body works usually. For instance, an adult is recommended to take about 130 grams of carbohydrate foods. The amount translates to about 45% of the total amount of calories. Therefore, it is critical to note that carbohydrates should be part of our daily meals. However, from my consumption habits, it is evident that carbs do not exist in my meals. Therefore, it is the right time to ensure that carbohydrates form part of my consumption habits. The benefits linked to this nutritious diet cannot be underrated. Additionally, when the diet is not taken, there is a likelihood that some health diseases may erupt (Blake, Munoz & Volpe, 2019). Some of them are constipation, dizziness, headache, and feelings of being weak. Thus, carbohydrates will always be part of my diet to avoid these diseases.

The other diet component is sugar. Sugars form part of carbohydrate meals that benefit the body when taken and regulated effectively. The intake of this diet and its effects on the body is dependent on gender and age. For an adult man, the required amount of sugar is 37.5 grams each day which contributes to about 150 calories. For women, the intake should be about 25 grams which contribute to about 100 calories in the body. However, my diet is not comprised of sugars which makes it possible for me to avoid sugar related diseases (Blake, Munoz & Volpe, 2019). The ailments that are linked to excess sugars are obesity, accumulating too much weight, or even attracting diabetes. Therefore, in my diet, it is quite sure that these diseases have been evaded significantly due to my ability to avoid sugary foods.

The other food diet is the fiber which consists of soluble, dietary, and insoluble ones. Fiber foods play a very critical role in the meals of a person. However, it is vital to note that both soluble and insoluble fiber are collectively known to as dietary fibers. All these components have that benefit that impacts the health. The intake of fiber is dependent on the number of calories that are absorbed into the body. For example, for every 1000 calories, a corresponding 14 grams of fiber is necessary; either as soluble or insoluble one. Soluble fiber regulates the amount of glucose in the body that helps prevent diseases such as diabetes among others. The insoluble one's control excretion process and help reduce risks of constipation (Ross, 2015). Therefore, it is evident that my diet is primarily composed of fiber meals. The salads are critical in providing fiber requirements in the body which have helped me avoid many diseases.


All in all, it is important to know the importance of a balanced diet. For instance, my diet is not balanced as required. Carbs, sugars, and fiber foods should be taken accordingly to ensure they benefit the body as required.


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