Nursing School: Challenges & Rewards of an Educationally Arduous Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-22


Nursing school is often nerve-wracking, rewarding, inspiring, satisfying, and confusing, all at once. For many learners, it may become one of the educationally arduous experiences of their lives. Every nurse can undoubtedly explain the struggles that ought to be put forth to become successful in the nursing school, including challenging tests, late-night studies, as well as challenging clinical processes that students must adhere to. As a result, there is always the need to formulate a comprehensive plan, both personal and academic, to enhance the achievement of a successful outcome at the end of the studies.

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While planning to start my nursing program, I anticipate a smooth admission process, given my qualifications that are in line with the institution's stipulated guidelines. I have prepared all the documents needed during admission, as well as the admission fees required to process my entry into the nursing college. Given that I am already well integrated into my husband's family, I will have his parents take care of my kids, and if for any reason they will be absent, I will liaise with his sister to support my kids while in school. Besides, I will consider nearby daycare centers for my kids when everyone will be absent. With the rigorous classes, I will set my schedules based on the timetable. Also, from my plan, I will allocate time to relax, especially on the weekends. I will set study time based on the classes, and much emphasis will be given to personal study time.

I will plan for a clinical practicum session to be in the afternoon so that I can concentrate on other academic programs in the morning hours. During classes, I will use the public or personal transportation system. I will be able to use my husband's car at times to ensure that I attend classes on time. During my studies, I will utilize the good support system provided by my husband and his family. They are ready to give any support, be it emotional, financial, or educational assistance. As a result, I will be able to concentrate on my job and in my studies.

From a financial perspective, my husband is willing to provide support to ensure that I succeed in my education. I, therefore, plan to utilize his financial support to overcome fiscal constraints that may arise in the course of learning. I will be responsible and accountable for all the activities both in and outside the class. I am going to study a profession that is deeply in my heart; it has always been my dream to become a medical professional. Furthermore, I have the passion for caring for the people; also, I have a work history of a medical assistant with experience of eight years in urgent care and urology, I, therefore, have a lot to offer in the medical field. Through pursuing this course, I plan to boost my skills and competency in the above areas. Given that there are long hours needed both in class and outside the class, I am willing to sacrifice other personal activities to ensure that I also meet the requirements in terms of study time. I have been through this and prepared to take any responsibility and commitments that are necessary to succeed. In other words, I am ready and willing to endure all the sacrifices to ensure a successful outcome.

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