Nurses' Empowerment: Motivating & Demotivating Factors in the Workplace - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-27


Nurses' empowerment, work engagement, contingent rewards, lack of recourse for poor performance, and poor communication, as well as unpleasant coworkers, covers a series of both motivating and demotivating factors at the workplace. In the case of nurses' empowerment, the idea motivates personal approaches of treatment reflected towards organization positive moves - positive movement helps build an array of approaches that involve treatment plan. Any concept of nurses' empowerment builds personal creativity that buys into the idea of solving a variety of problems with medical interest (Bar-Isaac & Levy 2019). In the case of demotivating factors, lack of recourse for poor performance serves the main demotivating factor at a personal level. The idea of poor performance kills individual morale at job place as it does not offer chances of creativity. The essay broadly analyses both motivating and demotivating factors, and in case an individual knows how it may lead to improvements in the outcome of a healthcare organization.

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As earlier mentioned, nurses' empowerment and work engagement, as well as contingent rewards, forms ideal factors that me at the workplace. In the case of contingent rewards, the idea builds morale as the awards keep individuals going (Esteve & Schuster 2019). On the other hand, that involves demotivating factors, the concept of poor communication, and lack of recourse as a result of poor performance form an ideal part that immensely demotivates individuals' level (Heski & Levy 2019). The idea of poor communication kills the connection between workers - healthcare providers.

The outcome of a healthcare organization is improved if healthcare providers learn both their motivating and demotivating factors. In the case of motivating factors, the outcome is enhanced as the organization learns to build what broadly embraces the idea of making organizational outcomes. Demotivating factors will change the outcome of organizational performance as the concept is reshaped.


To sum up, the essay discusses both motivating and demotivating factors. Motivating factors lead to the concept of building creativity. Improvement in outcomes of an organization happens when individual notices their influencing factors as this helps them learn about those factors.


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